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Greetings, I am Matthew R Dunn of the Tau'ri (people of Earth). I am a Doctor Who and Torchwood fan from the UK (though I am not following the Sarah Jane Adventures). I currently spend much of my time on Stargate Wiki. I will make appearances in the hopes of doing some contributions. I live in Wales, the home of the new Doctor Who. I have so far done Special:Editcount/Matthew R Dunn contributions to this wiki, and counting.

My collection[]

Everything on Doctor Who and Torchwood I own

Favourite Doctor Who things[]

Favourite episodes[]

Doctor Who[]


To be honest, I love pretty much every episode, it is pretty hard to choose.

Old episodes I've seen[]

I'm a modern I guy, I watch mainly the new series. However, I have seen a few episodes of the older series and I liked them. They are (in chronological order by it's original airdate);

Favourite moments[]

  • The Margaret Blaine Slitheen trying to run away from the Doctor, but keeps teleporting her back to him. (Boom Town)
  • Cassandra moving back and forth from Rose to the Doctor. (New Earth)
  • The motorway chase. (The Runaway Bride)
  • The Doctor and Martha looking outside the window of the Pentallian to see the Toraji Sun, and their being sucked in. (42)
  • Where the Doctor and Donna had a mouthing conversation, not knowing they were noticed by the antagonists. (Partners in Crime)
  • The eruption of Vesuvius. (The Fires of Pompeii)
  • The TARDIS pulling Earth pack to its original location, and the sight of everybody operating the TARDIS. (Journey's End)
  • The Doctor's photogtraphic memory across the park. (The Eleventh Hour)

Favourite quotes[]

Ninth Doctor[]

Doctor: I'm the Doctor, by the way. And you are?
Rose: Rose.
Doctor: Nice to meet you Rose. (holds up a bomb) Run for your life!


Trinee & Susanna bots: That's the Compact Laser Deluxe. Where did you get it?
Capt. Jack: You don't wanna know.

Tenth Doctor[]

Doctor: Physics, physics, physics, physics, physics, physics. I hope you're getting this all down.

Doctor: Cancelled, I'm afraid! And no epilogue!

Martha: I like that. "Humans". Still not convinced you're an alien.
Judoon: (after scanning the Doctor) Non Human.
Martha: Oh my god, you really are.

Jack: Can't I say hello to anyone!?

Jack: (looking at the glass half full as always) Keep longing for the good old British Fish & Chips. But what do I get? Cold mashed swede. Some hotel, last time I book over the Internet.

Copper: We shall be making a visit to old London town in the country of UK, ruled by King Wincesless. They worship the great God, Santa, a creature with fearsome claws, and his wife, Mary. Every Christmas the people of UK go to war with another country called Turkey. They then eat the Turkey people for Christmas dinner, like savages.

Host: Information: Kill. and Information: You are all going to die.

Doctor: Now, I have three questions, is that correct?
Host: (bing) Information: Correct.
Doctor: No! That wasn't a question. That's not fair! Can I start again?
Host: (bing) Information: No!

Doctor: What are you going to do!?! Arrest me!?! Lock me away, throw me in a cage!?! Well you're too late!! HAAAA!!!

Doctor: If you buy the new dictionary, look up genocide. You'll see a picture of my face with a caption that'll say "Over my DEAD body"!!!

Daleks: Daleks do not accept apologies! You will be EXTERMINATED!!

Donna: Watch it Space Man!
Meta-crisis Doctor: Watch it Earth Girl!

Adelaide: State your name, rank and intention!
Doctor: The Doctor. Doctor. Fun.

Eleventh Doctor[]

Doctor: (after seeing the contents in Jeff's laptop) Blimey, get a girlfriend, Jeff.

Dalek: Would you care for some tea?


Jack: That is so Welsh!
Gwen: What is?
Jack: I show you something fantastic, you find fault.

Rhys: (holding a chainsaw) You impersonate me mam. You get my girlfriend pregnant, and you've ruined my wedding day. (about to kill alien when the chainsaw suddenly dies) Oh f***.

Rhiannon: What kind of civil servants are you?
Ianto: Unappreciated ones.

Dr Who/Torchwood dreams[]

I have had a few dreams about the Doctor Who and Torchwood universe.

Doctor Who[]

  • The Doctor and Rose were on an alien world, when a Pterodactyl came and killed Rose. However, the Doctor had somehow managed to bought her back to life.
  • The TARDIS materialises near my house with the Doctor and Rose. They were wearing chain mail and medieval clothing. They wanted to go to Caernarfon Castle 700 years in the past, but made it in the wrong timeline. They left again and made to Caernarfon Castle, but about an unspecified time in the future instead.
  • I punched the Doctor (which was really cruel, but he did insult me).
  • I was stuck in about 200 years in the future, and the Doctor and Donna saved me.
  • The Tenth Doctor inherited the same martial arts skills as the Third Doctor. However, he could only use it for a few minutes until the "energy" in which he got those moves would go, then he would need 10 hours for the energy to charge up again.
  • This was long and confusing, so bare with me. Two things happened;
    • Daleks came to some space station to enslave humans from there, but one of the Daleks looks very much like R2-D2 from Star Wars. Some who managed to have escaped caputure went to break the others out from "Section 9" in the space station. At first, the Daleks didn't notice, but they eventually did. The whole thing went dark when the Daleks killed the remaining humans, who tried to blow up the entrance of section 9.
    • The Doctor arrives with Rose Tyler to some bakery. But for some strange reason, the Doctor had sinister intentions and somehow threw the old couple who own the bakey out of business. However, he only did it, so they can clean it and start the business up again. At first, they cleaned up all shelves, but the old woman knew this would happen as she read a message saying all the shelves would be enptied when reading through the backs of tins next to each other, which made a message. However, they all got the bakery in business again. I know, weird.
  • The Doctor and Donna arrive on a nice temperate area on the west coast of Wales, with sunshine (odd for Welsh weather) and nice rolling hills and trees. I was there, so was Jack Harkness. However, just like all Doctor Who episodes, there has to be an alien bad guy, they were like clockwork robots from "The Girl in the Fireplace" and another group of humans who were hyonotised to devistate the village. Fortunately we stopped them somehow (I can't remember as dreams are vague) and then escaped on the TARDIS. But before we did, the Doctor noticed another lifesign, which happened to by Chantho. The Doctor manages to take her somewhere she could fit in.
  • I was invited to a wedding, I got here at night, but there was one section where a bunch of school pupils from France got punished by their teacher, just for being around. They were sent to a dungeon and got brainwashed. They then went to the wedding and started to take charge of the entire reception. The Doctor happened to be around and used the Sonic screwdriver to somehow bring them back.
  • This is too long, and I hate long paragraphs, so I'll split it in two parts;
    • Part 1; I was spending some time with my family (a little more time than usual). Then, we turned on the TV where there was a news report, saying that a fleet of spaceships with hostile intent is heading towards Earth. The ships have Cybus Cybermen in them, and they tell us Humans they will invade. Sometime later, they somehow make it through all the defenses, and their trying to get through every home. Me and my family huddle up in the living room and try to hide so that the Cybermen don't see us. When one breaks into our house, it did see us. The Cybermen wish to use one person per house to be converted to a Cyberman, and kill another couple. I have the misfortune of being chosen for conversion. When it shot at my little sister and father, it somehown missed. He then put his hand on top of my head to knock me out. I don't know why, but I willed myself not to be captured, and he failed to knock me out, and just left (I must have been fortunate to encounter a Cyberman who's an idiot?) I thought that first, but when I was shaken up from the narrow escape, I feel funny, until I collapse into some sort of coma. Next thing I knew, I ended up on one of the spaceships in a Cyberman's body. I witness Captain Jack Harkness, who is taken prisoner.
    • Part 2; Meanwhile, the Tenth Doctor and his TARDIS arrives outside my house, taking notice of what happened. My family guide him to me. He checks my vitals with the sonic screwdriver and explains that I'm brain dead; my consciousness has disappeared somehow; he's never seen this before, but if I don't return soon without life support, my body will die. Next, I become aware that I'm a Cyberman, and the emotion suppressor thing is not taking 100% affect. Instead of panicking to death like those in "The Age of Steel" (mainly because my brain wasn't hacked away), I decide to suck it up and try and sabotage the fleet. I decide to take Captain Jack away, and when we are somewhere private, I explain my situation to him. We band together to stop the Cybermen ourselves. Since I'm a Cyberman, I can blend, while he escapes and do something else himself, also involving sabotage. Eventually, the Doctor arrives to do his thing. he joins me and Harkness, and together, we stopped the Cybermen ourselves [somehow]. That part wasn't in the dream. In fact the dream finished there, but let me assume the Cybermen are stopped, and the Doctor put my consiousness back into my body before it is too dead.


  • I was with a few of my friends to stay the night in a forest. In the middle of the night, a space ship crashed. Captain Jack came and wanted our help to track down an evil reptilian alien, who can mimic Human form. However, we stopped it by blowing it up.
  • The Torchwood 3 team are in a laundromat and saw a woman, who was woman in front, alien in back.
  • There's another, but, you really don't wanna know.
  • I see the fourth series of Torchwood. Unfortunately, I had to wait until 2012 to actually see it. It has Jack, Gwen and Rhys in it still (no mention of Alonso Frame though).


  • The following is a crossover between Stargate, Doctor Who, Torchwood and 28 Weeks Later (but a far, far less gory version, which, personally is a relief, because I am never going to see that film AGAIN!!!) This one is so long, I think it deserves two parts, because one of the banes of my life is rediculously long paragraphs;
    • Part 1; At Stargate Command, SG-1 picks up a mysterious object slowly heading towards Earth, and they think it's a neutron star. McKay came in to investigate and realise it might not be a neutron star, as it is not emmiting any intense radiation. They soon find out that it is a mini version of Earth. There is nothing they could do to stop it colliding. But then it stopped on its own, and emmited a fairly powerful pulse. Soon much of the people started to turn to zombies, They started to run the Earth and there was nothing we could do to stop it. Then The Doctor, from Doctor Who showed up. I was in a hospital with a couple of my friends, which was odd, because one of them was supposed to be in Ibiza, and the other should be in Greece. Unfortunately, in that same hospital, zombies started to attack and bit everyone they saw, turning them into zombies. Soon the hospital was overrun. The zombies didn't bite a few dozen of us, because they need normal people to serve them (they can speak English, strange). We had to supply them with constantly clean bed sheets and pillows, or they'd kill us.
    • Part 2; I was hiding in a room with one of the friends and saw Martha Jones, who was a zombie. However, the Doctor came in and held Martha's forehead. She had apparently turned Human again. Next we escaped the hospital, with the help of Captain Jack and his Torchwood team. We later find out that a shadow organisation of some sort has developed a cure for the virus, but they are hoarding it for themselves. We need to find out how to get the cure and mass produce it. Meanwhile, in the SGC, they get attacked by zombies. Luckily, by being a heavily fortified area, nothing can get in. SG-1 was safe. Me and one of my friends enetered the building where the cure was made. It was guarded. I had two pistols and started shooting at anyone in the way. Eventually we got the cure and escaped before the zombies made it there. We got in the TARDIS and we turned the cure into a radio signal that turns all zombies back to people. After this was done, the SGC noticed that the mini-Earth disappeared.
  • A crossover between Stargate, Doctor Who (though no Doctor or TARDIS is involved), and Torchwood, and involving a crossover between kind of like "Enemy at the Gate" and "The Sontaran Stratagem/The Poison Sky". Atlantis has somehow moved to somewhere near a picturesque shore with green mountains, valleys and rainbows. There is a Daniel Jackson class starship nearby, with an Asgard (despite gone) telling Carter that Jackson is to ascend again. Don't know what happened next with that. Afterwards, a Wraith Hive Ship arrives over Earth, and starts filing the sky with the same stuff the Sontarans used in their episodes. Apparently, with no sign of Area 51, the Torchwood guys use a space weapon of some kind that resembles the Hubble Space Telescope, which would be powerful enough to destroy a Hive Ship. The problem is that it is over geo-stationary orbit above Cardiff, and needs sunlight to be powered, and the sun is almost down, as well as the fact that only Captain Jack has the code to activate the weapon, but he's actually seeing someone and they can't reach him. Then all I know next is that apparently the Hive is destroyed and the Hubble space-weapon fired at the Atmosphere, where it cleared that stuff, and then UNIT apparently goes "yeah, we stopped Auric Goldfinger" (though he's long dead).
  • As an apology for deleting Children of Earth from Sky+ (which recorded from BBC HD), my brother brought me the second and fourth series boxsets of Doctor Who, and the first two series boxsets of Torchwood. What a nice chap.

More will come soon...

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