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The First Doctor William Hartnell
The Second Doctor Patrick Troughton
The Third Doctor Jon Pertwee
The Fourth Doctor Tom Baker
The Fifth Doctor Peter Davison
The Sixth Doctor Colin Baker
The Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy
The Eighth Doctor Paul McGann
The Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston
The Tenth Doctor David Tennant
The Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith
The Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi
Dr. Who Peter Cushing
The Leader Jack Kine
The Watcher Adrian Gibbs
The Renegade John Hurt
The Dream Lord Toby Jones
The Valeyard Michael Jayston
The Fourth Doctor (Seven Keys to Doomsday) Trevor Martin
The Ninth Doctor (Scream of the Shalka) Richard E Grant
The Ninth Doctor (The Curse of Fatal Death) Rowan Atkinson
The Tenth Doctor (The Curse of Fatal Death) Richard E. Grant
The Eleventh Doctor (The Curse of Fatal Death) Jim Broadbent
The Twelfth Doctor (The Curse of Fatal Death) Hugh Grant
The Thirteenth Doctor (The Curse of Fatal Death) Joanna Lumley
The Doctor (The Ultimate Adventure) David Banks
The Doctor (The Web of Caves) Mark Gatiss
The Doctor (Auld Mortality) Geoffrey Bayldon
The Doctor (Sympathy for the Devil) David Warner
The Doctor (Full Fathom Five) David Collings
The Doctor (Exile) Arabella Weir
The Valeyard (He Jests at Scars...) Michael Jayston
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