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Bailey Freckman was a school boy who wasn't very popular with the other students at The St Edwards School. He later became an ally of the Tenth Doctor, and eventually one of his closest friends.


Bailey attended the St Edwards School in 2006, and didn't have many friends. He was asked by Deputy head McGauley to give a tour to prospective parents around the school. He was tasked with giving (unbeknownst to him) the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler a tour around the school, as they noticed a large energy spike in the vicinity of the area. During their tour, he grew suspicious of The Doctor and Rose after they showed a particular interest in the server room. He reported his suspicions to McGauley, who decided to tail them. Bailey was shocked after McGauley was found dead, and secretly followed the Doctor and Rose to the server room, where all the technicians were found dead. He revealed himself to the Doctor and Rose, wanting their true intentions. After hearing their story, Bailey refused to believe any of it, and returned to his normal school day. After most of the students and staff left, (except for seven others, including the Doctor and Rose) Bailey remained behind after school that night, intent on doing some extra revision, however the school was invaded by Cybermen. Seeing the damage caused by the Cybermen, Bailey rushed to find aid, but was then cornered by Cybermen, ready to kill. (TV: Death in School)

After the Doctor transmitted an EMP throughout the school, (temporarily stopping the Cybermen) Bailey managed to escape. He saved the Doctor and Rose from being obliterated by the CyberKing, and managed to use his extensive knowledge of the school to single-handedly defeat the Cybermen. He earned himself respect from both the Doctor and Rose, who were both very impressed with his efforts. After the school heard about his actions, he gained a new-found respect from everyone in his school. (TV: The Final Sacrifice)

As a reward, Bailey was offered one trip in the TARDIS, and excitedly agreed. The trip took him to 2040, where aliens were plotting on killing the Prime Minister. The Doctor left Bailey by himself while he went to investigate the phenomenon of villagers mysteriously disappearing with Rose. During this time, Bailey was kidnapped by the aliens, who demanded to know the location of The Doctor. Bailey refused to give up information, and was brutally tortured. He was saved by the Doctor, who returned Bailey back to his own time, as Bailey needed to see his parents. The Doctor offered him a free trip whenever he wanted it, but Bailey declined, saying it was too much. The Doctor left Bailey, knowing that he would see him again, one day. (TV: The Aliens of Death)

In 2010, Bailey was still attending St Edwards, when he spotted The Doctor in the playground. The Doctor merely waved, prompting Bailey to do so too before he returned to the TARDIS. Bailey was seemingly happy by this, and continued his everyday life, with new friends. (TV: The End of Time)

Bailey met the Doctor once more in 2015, where he helped him to solve the mystery of the trees that covered Earth. After the incident, Bailey gave the Doctor his phone number so he could phone on a regular basis. (TV: In the Forest of the Night)

Bailey managed to get himself a job at a small business centre. He worked there for 6 months, before all staff had to attend a last-minute staff meeting. The Family, using Goodwin's (Bailey's teacher) mind as their source of knowledge invaded the building to start a universal war. Goodwin intervened, aiming to save her father. Goodwin knew the family would attack, and pre-warned the Doctor to save the building. To get Goodwin to leave, the Family held Goodwin's father and Bailey hostage, threatening to kill them. (TV: Revenge of the Family)

The Doctor arrived, and ordered Kate Stewart to evacuate the building. She did so, until only Bailey and Goodwin's father remained. The Doctor persuaded the family to let one hostage go; Goodwin's father managing to escape the building. The Family threatened to blow up the building with Bailey inside, unless the Doctor gives them the TARDIS. At this point, Bailey manages to escape, steals a weapon and threatens Daughter of Mine, formerly known as Lucy Cartwright. Son of Mine, formerly known as Jeremy Baines then taunts Bailey about his family, saying that they will die a painful death. Out of protection, Bailey shoots Cartwright. The Doctor is distraught by his actions, and although the Family leave, the Doctor is disgusted by Bailey, and leaves without saying a word. (TV: Friends of Fate)

Two years later, after regenerating into his Twelfth incarnation, the Doctor meets Missy in St. Pauls Cathedral. Bailey witnesses this, and decides to make amends with the Doctor. Seeing his opportunity, he prepares a plan to capture Missy, and constructs a small trap. Missy later falls victim to the trap. Ultimately, this trap is the turning point for Missy's fate, as if she is not released, then she will destroy the Earth. The Doctor reluctantly agrees to release her, but she goes ahead with her diabolical plan anyway. Aiming to save the Doctor, Bailey sacrifices his life to save the Earth, pushing Missy and himself into a chasm full of carnivorous spiders. The Doctor is saddened by his death, and immediately informs Goodwin. (TV: The Final Endgame)

In 2015, the Doctor receives a call from a number belonging to Bailey's phone. (TV: The Pirate) Kovarian later taunts the Doctor about his death. (TV: A Way With Words)

In 2016, Missy returns, and reveals to the Doctor that Bailey hired her in an attempt to see the Doctor again. Missy explains that he is still alive, and wants the Doctor to visit him. Returning to the St Edwards School, Bailey is stunned to see the Doctor. He apologises for all of his actions, and begs for forgiveness. The Doctor refuses and leaves. Bailey bids farewell to the Doctor, who explains that they will never meet again. (TV: Elevator to Heaven/Steps to Hell)

When the St Edwards School is invaded by the Weeping Angels, Bailey is sent back in time after being touched by one of them. (TV: The Angels Invade)

Bailey was sent to 1948, where he was summoned by Son of Mine. After the Doctor's treatment of Bailey, Bailey revealed all what he knew to the Family. After betraying the Doctor, he was imprisoned on the ship and subsequently killed. (TV: Dark Legacy)

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