Hello! I doubt anyone will ever read this but I'm going to fill it in anyway.

My favourite Doctor is 8, followed by 5 or 10 depending on what day it is. Romana II and Narvin are my favourite characters in the whole of the Doctor Who universe, but Leela, Benny and Adric are also quite good. I am a huge fan of the Big Finish Productions Gallifrey series. I find it hard to like the modern series as much as the classics. The Master and The Rani are my favourite villains. Molly O'Sullivan and Liv Chenka are currently taking over my life too- I wish they had waited until after exam block. Oh well.

I'm a grammar Nazi. Most of my editing will be either grammar or spelling or both. I can put in links now though (hey, I can't make an excel graph without the computer crashing, that's a big achievement for me.) If I get time I will try and fill in plots for Gallifrey, but at the moment I'll familiarize myself with templates and edit other pages.

I'm also a huge Harry Potter fan, and I like Neil Gaiman's work a lot, but that's not really relevant to Doctor Who. Anyway,..

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