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I'm a Web Designer at a College in the UK. One of my favourite genres of film, and TV, is Sci-Fi.

As a child growing up in 1970s Britain, I developed a love for BBC Sci-Fi. My favourite programmes being Blake's 7, and Doctor Who. The first Doctor I saw on telly was Tom Baker, and the first companion I remember seeing was Leela. I have quite a strong memory of being frightened of the Zygons and Loch Ness Monster however, the first serial I strongly remember was Destiny of the Daleks.

Over the years my brother and I continued to watch the series religiously. By the time Tom Baker decided to leave, my brother had stopped watching so regularly. I continued to watch, but as my family had been big fans of All Creatures Great and Small, I found if hard to accept Peter Davison as the Doctor. By the end of his first series in the role, I had moved away from Doctor Who.

Many years later, I was re-introduced to the series by my then boyfriend - who I later married. Being about 8 years older than me, he was brought up on the Jon Pertwee stories, which he introduced me to. Over the years we have both developed a love of all eras, and are both fierce defenders of Colin Baker. Whilst I have no recollection of hiding behind the sofa, my husband did. The story which frightened him most was The Green Death. Funnily his mum has never forgotten this. Despite the fact that he was hiding while watching, and crying, he wouldn't let her switch the telly off!

Today, we collect DVDs and VHS Collector's Items of all Doctors, and we're both watching the new series, starring Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper. I still get up early every Saturday and Sunday to watch Classic Doctor Who on UKTV Gold - even though I've seen these stories time and time again.

The Tardis Index File is the first Wiki I've ever contributed to.

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