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Thanks for stopping by. I'm mostly active on MyraPedia, because I don't have time for this wiki. But if I had, I'd add much more on the audio plots, which are often "to be added" here. As it is, you'll have to check out - or for the english language version go to - to see me active.

--IrasCignavojo 21:31, May 1, 2017 (UTC)

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  • If I could, I would convince you that Dimensions in Time is canon as I agree with the original poster of the canon question, that the exclusion is based on choice rather than reason. See Forum:Is Dimensions in Time canon (where the majority was differently inclined).
  • Who gives out or sells a Hyperscape Body Swap Ticket (where noone gets body Snatched), but which is valid for all entertainment events in the history of the universe? And how do we edit BBC story snippets like that into the Tardis wiki, no matter if a story might or might not meet the Four Questions criteria?
  • Anathenon, the "Lost Lord" of Gallifreyan legend, needs his own article. Unleashed into our universe, the (11th) Doctor declared at Caliburn House, "he'll suck time into himself the way a black hole sucks light." (quoted from DWM529, p.63)

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"Like" is a subjective word,' said the Doctor, shaking dust off his hat. 'I like the tick of a clock and the sound of a flute. The song of a rinchin in the fields at harvest. Working things out for myself. I like other people's ideas. Peace, tranquility. And a nice cup of tea.Doctor Who: New Adventures - 60 - Doctor Who: Lungbarrow (Marc Platt)


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