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Hi! I'm a guy from London and an Administrator on this wiki and if you want to talk to me, leave a message on my discussion page here
and I'll try to reply quickly.

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Doctor WhoEdit

I have been a Doctor Who fan almost all my life and I started watching videos of it at a young age and my very first Doctor Who was probably either Destiny of the Daleks or The Curse of Peladon as they are two of my oldest collection and I can't remember watching it on TV either. I have watched the news series and enjoyed it. My favourite Doctors probably in order are:

  1. Jon Pertwee
  2. Tom Baker
  3. Colin Baker
  4. Christopher Eccleston
  5. Paul McGann (in books etc.)
  6. Patrick Troughton
  7. Peter Davison
  8. William Hartnell
  9. Sylvester McCoy

My favourite supporting character is the Brigadier and my favourite villain by far is The Master, in particular Roger Delgado.

Other WikisEdit

I'm also an admin on the Stargate wiki so I divide most of my time between these two wikis.

Me on this wiki Edit

I'm one of the administrators of the Index File and made my first edit on the 29th May 2005.

What I have doneEdit

Minor edits. I fixed all the capitalisation and the links while running through the TV stories to make sure you could get to the next one. I made pages for the PROSEs, PROSEs and PROSEs. I just fix out minor problems, create minor pages. Categorized nearly all the uncategorised pages. Made the page on the category network on the wiki which has been very helpful (Tardis:Categories) (thanks to Mantrid for coming up with the design for the table and the idea) Done articles on most of the PDAs I own. (more coming soon).

What I will doEdit

I will surf Tardis Index File and fix minor problems and maybe do a few book articles (I'm not good at writing major articles) on the ones I own.

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