Never have I found a science fiction show quite like this. I absolutely love this show! The Doctor(s) travel(s) through time and space. "He saves civilizations, fights terrible creatures, and runs a lot. Seriously there is an outrageous amount of running involved." I've booked up on the Doctor's entire past and current adventures.

Summary of what I know:

At the beginning , the "kanky grandfather" First Doctor leaves Gallifrey to explore the universe with multiple companions, proving himself to be a high intellectual as his temper gets the better of him. He regenerates after losing the strength to keep his acient body going.

Following in his predecssor's footsteps, the' "favorite uncle" Second Doctor continued to explore the universe with companions, being a "cosmic hobo" and carrying any amount of objects in his pockets. However, he is forced to regenerate and be sentenced to exile on 1970's Earth with the knowledge of how to operate the TARDIS removed. '

The "dandy" Third Doctor was a masterful inventor working for Alister's UNIT branch during his exile as their unpaid scientific advisor, often combating the Eighth Master. It was during this time that the Doctor gained better knowledge of his TARDIS by taking it apart in attempts to leave Earth. Following his battle with the Eight Legs and their leader the Great One, the Third Doctor had become poisoned by metobelise crystals and regenerated.

The "manic scatter brain" Fourth Doctor lived the longest out of his incarnations (televison-wise), often eating Jelly Babies and taking any asortment of obejects from his pockets. He wore a signature scarf of incredible length, which proved useful from time to time. During his first battle with the Fourteenth Master, the Doctor fell from the Pharos Radio Telescope and merged with an aperation of his next incarnarion, thus regenerating.

The Fifth Doctor was more human than his predessors, but lacked their confidence. He kept a stick of celeary on his lapel to test for toxic atmospheres. He met his end after succumbing to Spetox poisoning, regenerating into the next Doctor.

The Sixth Doctor was loud and a bit of a jerk, often seeking to solve the mystery of his adventure over caring to the concerns of his distraught companions. Out of all the Doctor's his clothing was the most ridiculous as it was a clashin colauge of color. This version of the Doctor met his end after shot down by the Rani following his cellar dmage by Cronon energy.

The Seventh Doctor was the most complex of the incarnations, being a light-hearted scientist who became a master manipulator and keen strategist. Unlike his predessor, this Doctor dressed more refined and choosee darker clothes to match his darkening personality as time wehnt on. The Seventh Doctor met his end after Grace Holloway performed unnessary heart surgery on him, forcing a prolonged regeneration.

The Eighth Doctor was kinder and more human than the Seventh, being able to fit in at a New Year's party and entertain the romantic notions of Grace Holloway. Unlike ANY of the Doctor's he spent his time traveling between alternate uiniverses instead of normal time travel. Upon learning Rassilon's plan to end the Time War, the Eighth (probably) gave his life to seal the Time War in a Time Lock and regenerated.

The Ninth was mroe cold and prone to insulting humans along with feeling the guilt of killing his own race. Unlike the Seventh, the Nith was often asked about his accent. Following the Bad Wolf destroying the remnants of the Time War Daleks, the Ninth Doctor toke the Vortex energy out of Rose Tyler and expelled it form himself. However, it damaged his own cellar structure and forced hium to regenerate.

The "eccentric cackpot" Tenth Doctor was a cross between his previous and Fourth incarnations, having a fondness for referencing human pop culture. He fell in love with Rose, but ultimately let her be with a half human clone of himself instead. The Doctor regenerated again after absorbing the nuclear radiation from a nuclear bolt to spare his last companion.

The Eleventh Doctor is more alien and arrogant that his predessor, being unable to respond well in a romantic situation. He prefers to use his own ideas, but will rely on his companions when he has nothing else. he favors wearing hats and finds unpopular items to be cool.

If they;re currently at the Eleventh incarnation, I wonder... what will they do when the Doctor is out of regenerations? Will they say that Amy's bringing him back from the Cracks restarted his regeneration counter. Or did the Doctor recieve unlimited regenerationd during the Last Great Time War to enable him and other Time Lords to keep fighting?

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