Dmitriy Volfson

aka Дмитрий

  • I live in Ekaterinburg
  • I was born on December 8

Have you ever thought what it's like to be wanderers in the Fourth Dimension? Have you?

Hi, I'm Dmitriy Volfson.

Love Doctor Who since 2012/2013. I'm mostly excited over Big Finish audios, new series, Class and the first two Hartnell seasons - and I love the fact that Doctor Who is such a large combining universe with history spreading over half a century.

I'm active in the administration of the Russian Doctor Who Wiki, and I like contributing to the TARDIS Data Core too.

One of the main things I enjoy about Doctor Who universe is music by Murray Gold, Blair Mowat and many wonderful Big Finish composers.

I think I'm mostly proud of combining the lists of Big Finish regular cast, writers, directors, composers, cover artists, recasts and audio stories per Doctor, as well as actors that appeared in Game of Thrones, another of my all-time favourite shows.

Favourite things outside Doctor Who:
Game of Thrones, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars (six films), Blake's 7, Terry Nation's Survivors, The Confessions of Dorian Gray, Max Frei's Echo, Amicus horror anthologies, Fawlty Towers, Blackadder Goes Forth, Vicious

My First Edit

My high points of Doctor Who hype Edit

  • 2013: 50th Anniversary Special!!! Unique experience I'm glad I was able to live through with the rest of the world. Moffat's brilliant writing hooked me up to Doctor Who, and that awesome episode turned out beyond all expectations. Pure gold Doctor Who!
  • 2014: Missy's identity. Peter Capaldi was my first new "ongoing" Doctor, and the new look and style of the show got me excited from the first episode of the series. However, the credit goes to the bleak and horrifying finale that dropped one of the best (for me) cliffhangers with that Missy's revelation.
  • 2015: The Doctor's Hell. Nothing could prepare you for this! You go into the episode and come out with a flood of emotions. It's truly one of the best things I've ever experienced, one of the most imaginative Doctor Who tales and a masterpiece!

My Favourite Edit

Doctor Who stories
First Doctor: An Unearthly Child: Episode 1The AztecsThe RomansThe Chase
Second Doctor: The Tomb of the CybermenThe Enemy of the WorldThe Mind RobberThe InvasionThe War Games
Third Doctor: Spearhead from SpaceThe Curse of PeladonThe Three Doctors
Fourth Doctor: Terror of the ZygonsThe Deadly AssassinCity of DeathFull CircleState of Decay
Fifth Doctor: Mawdryn UndeadThe Five Doctors
Sixth Doctor: The Trial of a Time Lord
Seventh Doctor: The Curse of Fenric
Eighth Doctor: The MovieThe Night of the Doctor
Ninth Doctor: DalekBad Wolf / The Parting of the Ways
Tenth Doctor: The Impossible Planet / The Satan PitDoomsdayGridlockHuman Nature / The Family of BloodBlinkUtopiaThe Sound of Drums / Last of the Time LordsVoyage of the DamnedThe Fires of PompeiiSilence in the Library / Forest of the DeadMidnightTurn LeftThe Stolen Earth / Journey's EndThe Waters of MarsThe End of Time
Eleventh Doctor: The Eleventh HourThe Time of Angels / Flesh and StoneVincent and the DoctorThe Pandorica Opens / The Big BangA Christmas CarolThe Impossible Astronaut / Day of the MoonThe Doctor's WifeA Good Man Goes to WarAsylum of the DaleksThe Angels Take ManhattanThe Bells of Saint JohnThe Name of the DoctorThe Day of the DoctorThe Time of the Doctor
Twelfth Doctor: Deep BreathListenMummy on the Orient ExpressFlatlineDark Water / Death in HeavenLast ChristmasThe Magician's Apprentice / The Witch's FamiliarUnder the Lake / Before the FloodFace the RavenHeaven SentHell BentWorld Enough and Time / The Doctor FallsTwice Upon a Time
Thirteenth Doctor: The Woman Who Fell to EarthDemons of the PunjabResolution
Doctor Who… things
An Adventure in Space and Time
The Trip of a LifetimeDoctor Who: 50 YearsWho on HorrorThe Five(ish) Doctors Reboot
Spin-off stories
Torchwood: CountrycideOut of TimeCaptain Jack HarknessDead Man WalkingExit WoundsChildren of Earth
SJA: The Wedding of Sarah Jane SmithThe Nightmare ManThe Vault of SecretsDeath of the DoctorLost in Time
Class: For Tonight We Might DieNightvisitingCo-Owner of a Lonely Heart / Brave-ish HeartThe Lost
Big Finish stories
First Doctor: The BeginningFarewell, Great MacedonThe Flames of CadizThe Library of AlexandriaThe Rocket MenFrostfireThe SufferingAcross the Darkened CityHome TruthsThe Drowned WorldThe Guardian of the Solar SystemThe AnachronautsThe Perpetual BondThe Cold EquationsThe First WaveMother RussiaReturn of the Rocket MenThe War To End All WarsThe Plague of DreamsThe Locked RoomThe Time Museum
Second Doctor: ResistanceThe Forbidden TimeThe Selachian GambitThe Night WitchesThe Black HoleThe Glorious RevolutionThe Jigsaw WarLords of the Red PlanetThe Apocalypse MirrorSecond Chances
Third Doctor: Shadow of the PastThe Last PostFind and ReplaceThe ScorchiesGhost in the MachineThe Havoc of EmpiresThe Prisoner of Peladon
Fourth Doctor: The CatalystThe Foe from the FutureThe Valley of DeathThe Ghosts of GralsteadNight of the StormcrowThe Crooked ManLast of the ColophonRequiem for the Rocket MenThe Fate of Krelos / Return to TelosThe Trouble with DraxCasualties of Time
Fifth Doctor: The Fifth Doctor Box SetKingdom of LiesGhost WalkSerpent in the Silver MaskWinter for the AdeptThe Mutant PhaseAutumnWinterThe Haunting of Thomas BrewsterThe Eternal SummerSpecial FeaturesCobwebsThe Cradle of the SnakeThe Emerald TigerThe Butcher of BrisbaneThe Lady of MerciaPrisoners of FateThe Five CompanionsTime in OfficeRepeat OffenderThe Council of NicaeaThe KingmakerSon of the DragonThe Secret HistoryFallen Angels
Sixth Doctor: The ReapingQuestion Marks1963: The Space RaceUrgent CallsTrial of the ValeyardThe Marian ConspiracyArrangements for WarThe Feast of AxosThe CondemnedPatient ZeroPaper CutsLegend of the CybermenThe Curse of DavrosThe Widow's AssassinMasters of EarthThe JuggernautsCatch-1782The Wrong DoctorsThe Worlds of Doctor WhoThe Last Adventure
Seventh Doctor: The Fires of VulcanFlip-FlopRedLIVE 34Night ThoughtsThe Word LordThe Angel of ScutariProject: DestinyA Death in the FamilyHouse of Blue FireRobophobiaThe Doomsday QuatrainProtect and SurviveBlack and WhiteGods and MonstersAfterlifeAll-Consuming FireDamaged GoodsA Thousand Tiny WingsKlein's StorySurvival of the FittestThe Architects of HistoryMasterThe Two Masters
Eighth Doctor: Mary's StoryThe Silver TurkStorm WarningThe Chimes of MidnightSolitaireZagreusScherzoFaith StealerThe LastTerror FirmaHuman ResourcesRelative DimensionsLucie Miller / To the DeathDark EyesTime's HorizonEyes of the MasterMasterplanRule of the EminenceDark Eyes 4The ElevenThe Red LadyAbsent FriendsThe Crucible of SoulsDoom Coalition 4Ravenous 3
War Doctor: Only the MonstrousThe NeverwhenThe Shadow Vortex
Tenth Doctor: Death and the Queen
Multi-Doctor: Tales from the VaultPeri and the Piscon ParadoxThe Light at the EndCold Fusion
Bernice Summerfield: Just WarThe Grel EscapeThe Crystal of CantusThe End of the WorldThe Final AmendmentThe Adolescence of TimeThe Adventure of the Diogenes DamselGlory DaysAbsenceDead and BuriedResurrecting the Past / Escaping the FutureYear ZeroEpochMany Happy ReturnsThe Curse of FenmanMissing PersonsThe Triumph of SutekhThe Unbound UniverseRuler of the Universe
Dalek EmpireDoctor Who UnboundI, DavrosCybermanGallifreyGracelessThe War Master: Only the GoodMastermind
Iris Wildthyme: Wildthyme at LargeThe Panda InvasionKronos Vad's History of Earth Vol. 36,379Looking for a Friend
Jago & Litefoot: The Mahogany MurderersThe Theatre of DreamsSwan SongChronoclasmBeautiful ThingsThe Hourglass KillersVoyage to VenusReturn of the RepressedEncore of the ScorchiesThe Flying FrenchmenThe Devil's DicemenThe Year of the BatThe Museum of CuriositiesThe Haunting
Counter-Measures: The Pelage ProjectState of EmergencyThe Fifth CitadelPeshkaUnto the BreachClean Sweep
Torchwood: The ConspiracyOne RuleUncanny ValleyThe Victorian AgeZone 10Moving TargetBrokenMade You Looktorchwood_cascade_CDRip.torThe Torchwood ArchiveOrrPoker FaceTaggedEscape RoomHerald of the DawnThe Death of Captain JackFuture PainSee No EvilNight WatchHostile EnvironmentAnother Man's ShoesEye of the Storm
The Diary of River Song: The UnknownWorld Enough and TimeThe Lady in the LakeMy Dinner with AndrewThe Bekdel Test
My favourite TARDIS teams

First Doctor, Susan, Ian & Barbara
First Doctor, Vicki, Ian & Barbara
Second Doctor, Jamie, Zoe
Third Doctor, Liz, the Brig
Third Doctor, Jo, the Brig
Fourth Doctor, Romana II
Eighth Doctor, Liv, Helen
Tenth Doctor, Martha, Jack
Tenth Doctor, Donna
Eleventh Doctor, Amy & Rory
Twelfth Doctor, Missy, Bill, Nardole

My favourite outstanding performances

William Hartnell as Dr Who
Patrick Troughton as Dr Who
Nicholas Courtney as The Brigadier
Caroline John as Liz Shaw
Gabriel Woolf as Sutekh
Michael Jayston as The Valeyard
Lisa Bowerman as Bernice Summerfield
Nicholas Briggs as The Daleks
Geoffrey Beevers as The Master (Big Finish)
Miles Richardson as Irving Braxiatel
Terry Molloy as Davros (Big Finish)
David Warner as The Doctor
David Tennant as The Doctor
Derek Jacobi as The Master
Eve Myles as Gwen Cooper
Julian Bleach as Davros / The Nightmare Man
Timothy Dalton as Rassilon
Tony Curran as Vincent van Gogh
Peter Capaldi as The Doctor
Michelle Gomez as Missy
Mark Bonnar as The Eleven
Rufus Hound as The Monk
Katherine Kelly as Miss Quill

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