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<center>''Note: Due to Exam revision I am likely to be away from the wiki for long periods of time please still feel free to contact me on my talk page''</center> <br>
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<center><font size="10">'''{{Special:Editcount/{{PAGENAME}}}}''' </font></center> <br>
<center>[[Special:Contributions/{{PAGENAME}}|DLX contributions]] | [[Special:Editcount/{{PAGENAME}}|DLX edit count]]</center>
<center>[[Special:Contributions/{{PAGENAME}}|DLX contributions]] | [[Special:Editcount/{{PAGENAME}}|DLX edit count]]</center>

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DLX contributions | DLX edit count

About Me
Welcome... to my new empire, Doctor.Davros. [src]

Hello I'm Dark Lord Xander. I've been working at the Tardis Wiki since the 11th March 2008. I am a Doctor Who fan from Australia, who suprisingly prefers stories from the original series as apose to the new series. The funny thing about that is that the Tenth doctor would have to be one of my favourite doctors. But the fact that Gallifrey still exists and their are plenty of appearances from Daleks, Cybermen, Time Lords and so on make it more appealing plus the long time for stories being about 2 hours for the standard 4 episode serial as aposed to 13 45 minute episodes which is way to short in my opinon.

My Edits are mainly in the Audio Section as well as any Spin off Media for the First Eight Doctors I.E (Novels, Comics) and occasionally the new series shortening rumors and other minor things. I also check the recent changes regually so you should expect me to reply quickly to any debates and seem to edit things that you have recently edited. I also do cosmetic work on templates making them look abit better than just grey with a bit of dark grey.

You can Contact me Via My Talk Page.

Me and the Doctor
"Whatcha gonna do now, big shot? Suck me to death?"Abslom Daak [src]

I saw my first Doctor Who episode in 2003 when the ABC started playing re-runs of the series. The first serial i saw was Unearthly Child and even through it was in black and white it was still awesome. Although admitadly i only watched a few Second Doctor serials (about 2 or 4). I returned to Doctor Who with the Third Doctor and the shows explosion into colour and have watched every episode of the series since.

My Favourite Characters

Abslom Daak

To Do List

To Do List

  • Update and maintain Audio Stories (on going)
  • Complete BBV Page & create pages for all productions
  • General editing on comics and books
  • Add character lists to short stories

Important Pages

Dalek climbs stairs
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