So. I can now watch The Web of Fear at the click of a button... THANK YOU PHILIP MORRIS!

Hi all! I'm not really sure what to say LOL... I'm just

Dalek Eyestalk.jpg

another Whovian who wants to do their bit for this wiki. I've been making edits to the wiki for a while, so I finally decided to sign up so that my contributions were recorded - the badges are a great idea, and I'm looking forward to earning some!

I live in the UK, think that chips with gravy is the best meal ever, and I can't name a favourite Doctor or companion; they're all fantastic. My favourite TARDIS team is probably the Second Doctor, Jamie, Ben & Polly, though :) That's all I can think of to say for now :)

A special mention for Richard Hurndall, who did a great job as the 1st Doctor in the Five Doctors ;-)

My favorite pages[edit | edit source]

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