DENCH-and-PALMER is the individual who created The Lollipop Man (TV story) page some 8 years after its first broadcast.

On a side note, I created the page for Nardole... Denchen is happy, Matt Lucas is happy, Peter Capaldi is happy, Steven Moffat is happy, Richard E. Grant is happy.

Yes, you guessed right. I eat Anthony Ainley's cakes and pies. Though I'm not bias, I eat Derek Jacobi's cakes too... though not his pies, they taste like skin.

Stuff nobody reads Edit

Destiny of the Doctors AutonMaster

Ey up.

Hello, are you reading this? You don't know? If you can hear these words inside your mind, then you are either reading it or are wonderfully brilliant at telepathy.

I'll start by saying that I'm your average user. I edit pages, create pages and format pages.

I will enforce this wiki's policies and get in touch with you if you are violating one.

I have an obsession with invalid stories, as you know if you follow the wiki activity. I have created over half the pages on invalid stories.

This obsession has lead other users to create pages on invalid stories - which is nice.

This however does not mean I don't create valid source story pages. I do. Mainly obscure ones, but hay hoe it still counts.

Dimensions in Time is my favourite ever Doctor Who story in any medium... I'm not joking. It's a dream, First Frontier says so. I hate EastEnders, so my reasoning for love Dimensions in Time is minimal.

As I've said, you only have to see my wiki contributions to see that I constantly create and edit the invalid source pages that are house in this wonderful place we call the TARDIS Data Core.

I have created and contributed to on the wiki a lot of them. Such as the stories, the Doctors and the individuals.

Yeah, so after reading this, you probably no I have two aims, to make the wiki look tidy and to add pages that the wiki is lacking.

I also like my specials, let me elaborate. I love it when a Doctor crosses over to another telethon or show for a small skit or a minisode.

This includes the minisode on Disney Time (don't ask me why I like it, it must be Tom Baker) and the Brigadier skit on The Harry Hill Show.

The following story pages that I created are the ones I'm most proud of.

  • The Harry Hill Show special
  • Children in Need 2011
  • The BAFTAs
  • Bodyswap to the Proms
  • Mind My Minions
  • Looking for Pudsey

Look down. Unless you're scared, then don't.

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