aka Kimberly

  • I live in Scranton
  • I was born on August 5
  • My occupation is EMT
  • I am Female

Yes, this is kind of like watching Star Trek with a physicist, I am aware of that.

I'm not actually a physicist, I dropped out.

You perhaps should be aware that, totally coincidentally, I frequently drive an ambulance, laugh maniacally, and am looking for my pocket watch. Of course, it's probably actually okay, because I also have a lot of scarves, a long jacket, two cats, and a time machine disguised as a 2006 PT Cruiser with license plate number 13.

It must be a time machine. It's always later when I get out of it.

I'm very new to the Doctor, I saved him for a time when I could truly appreciate him. I love how Doctor Who has made so many other things that I love seem new and wonderful. However, I am most definitely not new to authors from the United Kingdom, obsessive fandom, or excessively convoluted continuity and time travel. The history of my geekdom is studded with Back to the Future, Star Trek, and the genius of Douglas Adams, Grant Morrison, Neil Gaiman, and later, Terry Pratchett.

It was truly only a matter of time.

Pun intended.

Difficulty in communication should more likely be blamed on lack of sanity and consumption of too much of the Whedonverse rather than standard 'Muricanism. My British spelling is pretty good, when I'm not too tired, but I'll miss some fiddly points about usage until they show up a few times.

Scranton's in Pennsylvania, and barring a few localisms, we have pretty much the generic US accent. That's probably why they set the US version of The Office there. I try not to fret about bad American accents on Who, I mean, I finally understand what you guys mean about Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins. (Thank the heavens for Mark Sheppard and John Barrowman and stop going to New York is all I'll say about that.) Every once in a while, I'll get to correct a misapprehension about the US, and that makes me feel somewhat useful. You'll probably find me trawling science and theory articles, or working on Torchwood.

In the past I've been an obsessive comic book fan, an obsessive gamer, an obsessive reader... Aw, who am I kidding, I still am. I'm also an amateur audio editor, a musician, a songwriter, an amateur voice actor, and 2009 Parsec finalist.

My favorite personal contributions so far Edit

  • The use of the phrase "ambient weaponry". Good luck finding it.
  • The Third Doctor does not appear to have learned Chicken yet. I wonder if the Eleventh knows it.
  • Humans are not an illegal drug, even if the sex gas monster is addicted to them.
  • This weekend I actually tried to use a menu sheet to try to explain higher order dimensions to my partner. It didn't work so well.
  • My rewrite of Blinovitch Limitation Effect, because I had some neat insight into the Doctor while doing it.

Grrr arrg annoyed by Edit

  • Patronising tone of text during discussions. I am definitely not your 8 year old daughter.
  • When somebody tries to put it picture immediately under the Plot heading, as it makes the text overrun the display unless it goes a little bit lower.

Where you will find me Edit

  • Somewhere over in Torchwood.
  • Revising a Category:Science from the real world or similar article.
  • Counting chickens and cats... Oh, look, a squirrel!
  • Removing speculation about emotions and replacing it with the action shown, in the spirit of "Show, don't tell."
  • Browsing the page of whatever I'm watching or reading.
  • Looking for my paramedic. They get lost so easily.
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