• I live in a place that exists somewhere
  • I was born on October 2
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am human. Definitely human, why would you suspect otherwise? *glances around nervously*

I was really active on this wiki in, like, 2013. I stopped editing so much because I realized I was mostly just doing it for the sake of doing it (and earning those sweet sweet Game of Rassilon points), instead of actually wanting to contribute knowledge about Doctor Who. I'm preserving my profile as it was back then just because I feel like it wouldn't be very honest of me to erase it and pretend it never existed. It feels like a relic.

I'm a very different person now. I have a new account that I'm definitely NOT going to mention the name of. I still love Doctor Who, though. It's still my favorite TV show. I still consult the wiki for reference fairly often.

I have no idea why anyone would want to look at this page now after all these years. Do your thing, I guess.

—the user formerly known as Bubblecamera, 2018-01-28

About meEdit

Hi! I go by Bubblecamera here on the wiki. (It's a long story.)

I'm interested in all areas of Doctor Who! My main specialty here on the wiki is the audios (and small grammar fixes), but I'm also well-versed in knowledge of the TV series and the DWM comic strip. I'm also collecting the EDA novels and the NSAs as a side project, but they're not a main focus.

I also completely admit to being a hopeless fanfic-writer. (But don't worry, I won't plaster my creations all over the site.)

My Time Lord name (because a lot of people here seem to have these)Edit

  • Atrakelifeniraxabeycharatifirovetovediretaslaros

Pages I've createdEdit

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My firstEdit

My favouriteEdit

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