Hello everyone. I’ve been watching Doctor Who since it came back in 2005, and I’ve never looked back. I’m knowledgeable in all of the new series, quite a bit of the classic series and Big Finish, and hardly anything in the comics, although I adore A Matter of Life and Death.

I’m a sucker for Gallifrey stories, (apart from the Deadly Assassin), so I like to work on articles concerning Time Lords, Gallifrey and its politics and organisations.

Everything is canon.

My Sandbox.

Modern series ranked Edit

  1. Series 4
  2. Series 5
  3. Series 9
  4. Series 1
  5. Series 10
  6. Series 11
  7. Series 7
  8. Series 3
  9. Series 6
  10. Series 8
  11. Series 2

Favourite stories per Doctor Edit

Favourite Big Finish per Doctor Edit

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