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The Fourteenth Doctor was the Doctor to follow the Thirteenth Doctor.

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When encountering the "Vortex Butterfly", the Tenth Doctor was cryptically told that he would not be "limited" to "thirteen lives". (COMIC: Vortex Butterflies)

When Captain Lundvik threatened to shoot him, the Twelfth Doctor speculated that he would "keep on regenerating forever" if he was executed. (TV: Kill the Moon) Rassilon would later state his own uncertainty to the number of regenerations the Doctor had been granted, (TV: Hell Bent) with the Master and Missy also considering their own uncertainty when debating whether to throw the Twelfth Doctor off a roof, believing they "could [be] up and down the stairs all night." (TV: The Doctor Falls)

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The Doctor is using the control room from The Claws of Axos.
The Doctor is using the control room from The Time Monster.
The Doctor is using the control room from The Three Doctors.
The Doctor is using the control room from Planet of Evil.
The Doctor is using the control room from The Invisible Enemy.
The Doctor is using the control room from Arc of Infinity.
The Doctor is using the control room from The Five Doctors.

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