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Sup' dudes. How's it hanging?

I am the one know as Azes13. I am one of the original creators of the Tardis Index File. Well, not one of the real creators, obviously: I came in much later. And it's not like I've made an especially large portion of the Tardis Index File or anything. But I was around here in the distant past, back when the Tardis Index File was barely more than a couple thousand articles. Ah, the good ol' days...

Alas, due to the evils of University, late showings of Doctor Who in Canada, scarcity of novels, interesting video games, Anime (especially Trigun) and other such distractions, my production has dropped off a bit. Still, I try to get on the Tardis Index File as often as I can and make changes wherever I can. But mostly only for alien pages, since I have a natural tendency to focus on that while watching.

If you ever feel the need to talk (about changes I've made, your favourite bits of Doctor Who, the existence of God, etc.) feel free to bring it up on my Talk page. Also, keep in mind that I'm a Sysop, and I can therefore do Sysopy things.

After you're finished all this, check out my my deviantART account (especially this picture here, since it has enough to do with Doctor Who to warrant a mention). Alternatively, you could go and fix up some articles on the Tardis Index File, but where would the fun in that be?

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