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Welcome to my page. No, seriously. You are welcome here. Please do not hesitate to ask for assistance (on the talk page). If I'm busy, I'll just get back to you later. Your request is not a bother. I'm here to help and I'm happy to help.

In particular, I have watched/listened to/read much of the TV series (old till the Third Doctor and new), several Big Finish audio ranges (8th Doctor Collected, Early Adventures, some Companion Chronicles, and New Series), and most Titan Comics issues.


  • As I progress through the classical era, I am VERY slowly adding the digital releases information (so far I've completed the First, Second and Third Doctors): currently I aim to track iTunes (all 6 stores with TV shows: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, UK and US), Amazon Prime (Austria/Germany, UK and US), and BritBox (US). The former streaming outlets Hulu Plus and Netflix have been discontinued by BBC, at least as far as the classic era is concerned.
  • My second long-term project is fleshing out Titan Comics stories. I'm going chronologically and am so far hopelessly within the first year.

I see part of my mission in the expansion of the DWU on this Wiki. Thus, I take great joy in creating pages for brief references in less-than-mainstream media and stories, especially about real-world entities that are likely to be independently referenced on more than one story. With this information at their disposal, future editors will, hopefully, not need to agonise about information bleeding in from the real world. As an example of such information internalisation, I have found an in-universe confirmation that Mary Shelley and Percy Shelley were not yet married at the time she became the Doctor's companion, importing this information from the "Behind the scenes" section.

Edits I'm proud of[]

Statement on Paul Magrs[]

Paul Magrs is welcome on this wiki as much as any other writer. His impressive portfolio is well represented by 59 stories at last count. Having said that, there is still room for improvement. Here is a (probably incomplete) list of red links originating from his stories for any Magrsophile who has time for a bit of Mag(rs)enesis. For now, I will leave the pages already created in the list as a testament to the Champions of Magrs: Giant spider (The Scarlet Empress), Julia (The Scarlet Empress), Giselle (The Scarlet Empress), Empress (The Scarlet Empress), Abbasid Era, Fortalice, Nepotist, Emba, Nesta, Robert Blandish, Alid Jag, John Fuchas, Ron Von Arnim, Cleavis, Dog World Space Station, Mayfair, 2077, Thisis, Great Yarmouth, Dreamhome, Toaster (Sick Building), Walter (Sick Building), Stirpeek, Simon (Enter Wildthyme), Kelly (Enter Wildthyme), Missy (Enter Wildthyme), Anthony Marvelle, Begins at Home, Chris (Fanboys), David (Fanboys), Mumu Manchu, Manleigh Halt, Glam, Dodie, Ninny, The World of Aunty Winnie, Aunty Winnie, Roger (Hello Children, Everywhere), Borace Gamnetyaac, Magenta Spool Galaxy, Tinkle, Mary (Knock Knock!), Tommy (Knock Knock!), Scoggins, Jeffrey Fairbairn, John Henry, Asteroid (The Wishing Beast), Cathy Roberts, William Hurley, Thomas Tyler, Walton (The Peterloo Massacre), Roberts (The Peterloo Massacre), Small (The Peterloo Massacre), Sister (The Peterloo Massacre), Hurley (The Peterloo Massacre), Hurley Hall, St Peter's Field, Alitha, Grayling Frimlish, Shiri, Zounds, Diamon, Vadhoc, Kendal Folk Festival, Lake Grasmere, Leopard Boy, High Atrixians, Vita Monet, China doll, Blandford, Tilling Abbey, Tom Lawrence, Guy Harvey, Charlie Mitchell, Elinor Coleman, Hexford Woods, Paddy Wallace, Stella's, British Library, Arthur Corn, Trisha Wiley, Gilda Fairbanks, Trevor (The Zygon Who Fell to Earth).