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Hey I am knowledgeable in all of the TV series and the majority of Big Finish Audios, as I have listened to all the Main range (up to 195), the companion chronicles, the lost stories and the Benny's, and Gallifreys. I am an expert at all the incarnations of Romana, many of the 80s companions, big finish companions and events in Gallifrey (audio series) and Bernice Summerfield.

I am interested in continuity which I find fascinating, so will try to relate events and figure out timeline between books, tv and audio.

I love the Key to time, the Guardians, and Gallifreyan politics. Irving Braxiatel is the best in them.

I endeavour to fix red links in the Big Finish Audios, I therefore am the creator of many character stubs and actor stubs. I have also contributed to the Big Finish credits project.

I am the main editor on Charlie Smith, Matteusz Andrzejewski, April MacLean, Ram Singh, Tanya Adeola and Andrea Quill as well as other characters in Class (TV series)

Don't hesitate to question me on the stuff I create.

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