Ursulonamex was a planet with a perfectly balanced ecosystem.

Astronomical data Edit

Ursulonamex had twin suns. Half the planet was covered in heavily oxygenated oceans and half was covered in dense rainforests.

The planet had a variety of wildlife, including a predatory species which seemed to be a cross between a panther and wolf. (PROSE: The Planet of Oblivion)

Locations Edit

Cities on Ursulonamex included the City of Singing Flowers, the City of Hornbeams, the City of Pine, the City of Birch and the City of Oaken Leaves. In these cities the larger trees were hollowed out for accommodations and sapling were grown into the desired shape. (PROSE: The Planet of Oblivion)

Culture Edit

Ursulonamex was inhabited by a humanoid species with green skin. They tended to use natural materials like leaves and bark, but used more advanced technology in a limited way. They had four orbiting space stations to track visitors, including Orbit Station 3. The respected leaders of the cities were denoted by the carrying of a staff stripped bare of its bark.

History Edit

Ursulonamex was a favourite choice for vacations. Appreciated by people as a place to forget their problems, the planet was affectionately known as "the Planet of Oblivion".

Half the planet was devastated by an attack from the skies that lasted a day and a night and came to be referred to by locals as the Rain of Fire. The attack was believed to be the work of the Darksmith Collective, an extreme measure taken to protect the identity of their clients, the commissioners behind the Eternity Crystal. The few survivors in the Cities of Green set about rebuilding their world, regarding it as way to clear away the old growth.

Orbit Station 3 was caught in the shock-wave of the attack but was lucky enough to have the Dravidians (led by Hive Captain Mantis) in the vicinity. They helped make repairs. The Dravidians had their own agenda and left shortly before the arrival of the Dreadbringers, who were in pursuit of the Tenth Doctor and his travelling companion Gisella. (PROSE: The Planet of Oblivion)