Ursula Blake was a human from England.


Ursula was in Trafalgar Square celebrating being alive with several other people after the destruction of the Sycorax spaceship. She took several photographs that included the Tenth Doctor, but she thought he was just "some bloke"; she didn't realise the significance until Mr Skinner told her. She subsequently placed the photo on the website My Invasion Blog. Through the blog, she met Elton Pope, who had met the same Doctor before when he was a kid.

By 2007, she, Elton, Skinner, Bridget Sinclair and Bliss, formed a group called LINDA to help find the Doctor, but they became more social, even forming a band, with Ursula playing the guitar and the tambourine. That March, the group was taken over by Victor Kennedy — in reality the Abzorbaloff — for his own purposes. Not long after Elton asked Ursula out for some Chinese, she had to return to the basement where LINDA's meetings were held as she had left her mobile phone behind. She was then absorbed by the Abzorbaloff, with her face appearing on the alien's chest.

The Tenth Doctor arrived and distracted the Abzorbaloff before he could absorb Elton. The Abzorbaloff tried threatening Elton's life so he could take over the TARDIS, but the Doctor refused. He told the Abzorbaloff that the members of LINDA who had been absorbed would have had something to say about absorbing Elton. They pulled at the Abzorbaloff's stomach, causing him to drop his cane. Elton broke the cane's limitation field that was preventing the ground from absorbing the Abzorbaloff. Though the rest of LINDA and Kennedy were lost, Ursula was partially returned from the dead by the Doctor's sonic screwdriver in the form of a face embedded in a paving slab. She lived out her life with Elton in this state and, despite certain difficulties, the two were quite happy together. (TV: Love & Monsters)


Although Ursula survived, the Doctor felt guilt for leaving her in this state, as he included her in his memories of people who had died in his name, when Davros forced him to remember them. (TV: Journey's End)

Behind the scenes[]