Ursina was Amtor's chief scientist.

Ursina had been assigned to catalogue the species of Venus which had seemed to appear out of nowhere after the death of Corvina. In fact, they were being released by Vulpina from the Cytherian cryogenic chambers. Corvina had been killed by Vulpina when she came too close to the truth and the death was blamed on a Shanghorn.

When the Sixth Doctor, Jago and Litefoot were captured, Ursina brought the Doctor and Litefoot to her lab for study. After explaining what happened to her predecessor, they were able to prove that Corvina had been murdered and figured out where the animals came from. Vulpina tried to kill them, but they were able to escape and made it to the caves. Vulpina followed them there and tried to kill them, but Vepaja set up a forcefield to protect them. Vepaja was the active Cytherian who was trying to protect the preserved Cytherians. After Vulpina tried to kill the Doctor and Ursina with explosives, Vepaja declared it an act of war and tried to destroy Amtor. After the attempt failed, Ursina agreed to act a negotiator for peace on behalf of the Venusians. With the destruction of Amtor and the release of the animals in the zoo, Ursina decided to study music and planned to write a lullaby. (AUDIO: Voyage to Venus)

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