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Uroboros was a Doctor Who Magazine comic story featuring the Eighth Doctor.


Part one[]

Having being summoned by the Doctor, Fey appears in the TARDIS. The Doctor uses Shayde's abilities to trace the creatures that have kidnapped Izzy and finds that they have been followed in their travels since she switched bodies with Destrii on Ophidius. Having returned to the ship, the TARDIS' power is being drained. Fey leaves to find the power inhibitor, and the Doctor is stopped by a group of Mobox, led by Major H'rakk. Ophidius has now been taken into the atmosphere to be repaired; The Mobox are preparing for war. Fey wonders why the Doctor has been acting so agitated, and finds the integrated processing cortex. She is attacked from behind by a Mobox, who knocks her out and picks her up, deciding that she deserves closer examination for surviving.

Part two[]

The Doctor is taken to Presidor B'rostt's speech, where he meets C'sorr, a seer, who gives him a grim warning. He then meets with B'rostt in his office, where he realises that he is the same Mobox as the one that killed Destrii. Meanwhile, Fey is being kept in a force-field by S'lokk, the chief scientist of the Mobox. She realises that she cannot escape without becoming a vegetable. Shayde has an idea, but decides that Fey will not like it. S'lokk contacts B'rostt and tells him that he believes Fey to be in league with the Doctor and that the two are plotting to steal Ophidius. B'rostt then orders H'rakk to kill the Doctor, who crashes their ship in a lake. H'rakk drowns, but the Doctor escapes and encounters Destrii, who is somehow still alive and armed with a bow. She takes aim at the Doctor.

Part three[]

A creature bursts from the bushes and is killed by Destrii before it can attack the Doctor. He demands to know how she is still alive, but she dodges the question. On Ophidius, S'lokk demonstrates the Mobox's ability to deconstruct matter then reconstruct it later by reconstructing a terrified Ophidian. Fey accuses him of torturing the Ophidians, but he believes they only have the right to a choice: Obey or die. A scientist confirms that Ophidius is fully operational, and S'lokk orders a test-flight. Shayde reveals his escape plan; If Fey allowed him to possess her, they could survive escaping the force-field. Fey refuses. Destrii reveals that B'rostt did not kill her on Ophidius but deconstructed her in order to later execute her. She was then rescued by an unknown being. She then agrees to help the Doctor escape the planet. They visit C'sorr, realising that he tried to warn the Doctor of B'rostt's corruption. He decrees that the world-eater has awoken. As Fey allows Shayde to take over, Ophidius reveals itself to be alive, killing the scientists and breaking free.

Part four[]

Ophidius attacks the Mobox for trying to control it. Destrii assists the Doctor in stealing a ship and gets the impression that he cares about her. He coldly replies that he only cares about keeping Izzy's body intact, and that the girl wearing it can rot. Shayde escapes the force-field, but refuses to give control back to Fey, as he feels that he needs to kill Ophidius. However, he begins to be influenced by Fey's morals and returns control to her. Now pursued by B'rostt, the Doctor and Destrii fly into Ophidius when it demands to see "the saviour". Fey rejoins them, and the three enter the integrated processing cortex. When they realise that Ophidius means that Destrii is the saviour due to her killing Gorolith the last time she was on board, they force her to try and persuade it to stop attacking. Destrii relates to its situation and asks it to not kill any more people, until B'rostt and his men appear, and she orders it to kill them. The Doctor realises that it was C'sorr that saved Destrii from B'rostt. The seer tells him that he will fail in retrieving Izzy. More determined than ever to rescue her, the Doctor returns to the TARDIS to take Destrii and Fey to Destrii's homeworld.



  • Fey wonders if there is a galactic equivalent of the Geneva Convention.
  • Destrii mentions Studio Toho.


  • This story was deliberately satirical, with B'rostt loosely based on George W. Bush and Tony Blair.
  • The ending of this story leads into the next.