Urlic was a barren desert planet in the Catorkian Galaxy. It was the homeworld of the Huskians. Starkey remarked that its air smelled of rotten eggs.

At some time before 2050, it was the last planet in its galaxy. It was archived by the Ukkans into a library card that was taken by Huskian pirates. Eventually the card found its way to Earth and was acquired by the Department. In 2050, Inspector Thorne decided to turn it into a prison colony. He lured Starkey to it on a careers day at Department HQ. Starkey was sucked into the card and teleported to the planet. Darius Pike brought the card to Gryffen House. K9 Mark 2 and his friends tricked Thorne into giving them the plinth of the card, which they needed to release Starkey. They gave Thorne a pair of goggles which provided immunity to the card, which Yssaringintinka disabled. Thorne was transported to the planet. The Ukkan librarian Yssaringintinka was able to return them. (TV: Lost Library of Ukko)

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