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Urine, colloquially referred to as piss or pee, was a liquid expelled from the body as a way of ridding toxins.

Convicted rapist and killer Oswald Danes claimed that guards were putting urine in his food in jail. Although they covered it with things like cream and gravy, he could still taste the urine, for, as he put it, "[piss] has a way of enduring". (TV: The New World)

According to one account, the Seventh Doctor once urinated in a linen store and "realized that the shelf he was peeing over was an inch-deep in dust". (PROSE: Delta and the Bannermen)

This was a typing error which was not caught in editing. By all accounts, it should say he was "peering over" the shelf at Keillor.

On 6 June 1780, Newgate Prison was burnt down in the Gordon Riots. Released mental patients stood on the windowsills and urinated into the flames. (PROSE: The Adventuress of Henrietta Street)

In 1782, Lisa-Beth Lachlan noticed that the regular customers of the Shakespeare's Head tavern in London often urinated on the floor, leaving wet patches which the posture-girls had to avoid as they struck their obscene poses. Later in the year, at the Manchester tavern The White Hart, a local prostitute lost a potential gentleman customer to Katya after turning her back for two minutes to urinate in a back-alley. (PROSE: The Adventuress of Henrietta Street)

Sam Jones' friends Mo and Mikey Clunes were locked up overnight for urinating on the front window of Woolworths. (PROSE: Kursaal)

A dilapidated tower block in Gorkiy, Russia had a "pool of urine in the corner". (PROSE: The Devil Goblins from Neptune)

Bill Potts suggested that male students urinated often enough on university campus for a puddle without prior rain to not be unusual. (TV: The Pilot)

Somerset's genetically enhanced leopards could record information that could later be read from their urine. (PROSE: Alien Bodies)

Before meeting the Eighth Doctor, Anji Kapoor and her boyfriend Dave Young visited a statue in Brussels known as the Mannikin Pis, which depicted "a naked little boy, happily urinating into the air". (PROSE: Escape Velocity)

In a timeline created by Faction Paradox, Sarah Jane Smith "had to take a pee behind someone's house" in the town of Anathema on the planet Dust. She doubted that anyone there would have cared if they had seen her in the act, and noted that "she'd never had to think about these little biological details on most of the planets she'd been to." (PROSE: Interference: Book One)

A woman in a Cardiff shop, when questioned by Torchwood as they tried to track down Bernie Harris, said she "wouldn't even piss on him if he was on fire". (TV: Ghost Machine)

Rumour had it that Nie Who sprayed his shop with tiger urine every morning. (PROSE: The Adventuress of Henrietta Street)

George Wilson felt that the tea at his Cardiff hotel tasted like piss, and the coffee tasted like instant. (AUDIO: The Conspiracy)

Owen Harper had a "languorous pee in the little bathroom" whilst at Megan Tegg's house. (PROSE: Another Life)

Ianto Jones's dad had a tendency to urinate on the floor instead of going to the bathroom. Ianto was exasperated by this, and told him to "Stop pissin' on the floor!" (AUDIO: Blind Summit)

Yasmin Khan once was taken to court after she urinated in public. (PROSE: The Witchfinders)