Urbinia was a planet in a Third Galaxy. Baralda was one of its neighbouring planets. It had a pale-green sky with purple corkscrew clouds.

Its capital city, Kiria, was a seat of great learning throughout the whole galaxy, with a bustling intellectual community which dedicated itself to all schools of science, politics, philosophy and culture.

In an alternate timeline, the First Doctor's TARDIS became stranded on Urbinia instead of landing on Kembel. As a result, the Daleks were able to develop the Time Destructor, and they attacked the planet three months after the Doctor's arrival, with the intention of enslaving the Urbinian population. After continued refusal of the Urbinians to surrender, the Dalek Supreme ordered the Time Destructor used to destroy the planet.

This timeline was averted by the Second Doctor, sending his previous incarnation to Kembel to stop the Daleks. His time spent or Urbinia was erased, but the Doctor still remembered the name of the planet. (AUDIO: Daughter of the Gods)

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