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The Uprising, (PROSE: Rebel Rebel) also known as the Revolution of One, (PROSE: The V Cwejes) was a universe-devastating conflict between the Cwejen and the Superiors. Other notable forces within the Uprising included Ephems, Cyberons, the Friend, and Koschei. In terms of chronology with other time wars, the Uprising occurred in the V-Time period following the War in Heaven. (PROSE: Rebel Rebel)



The Uprising was in many ways unintentionally engineered by Donacho Munchausen, starting with his role in manipulating Chris Cwej into meeting Larles and Kwol. (PROSE: The PsyCon Prediction, A Bright White Crack) Donacho also assassinated the High President of the Superiors at this time, causing instability on the Base of Operations. (PROSE: The Aftermath, A Bright White Crack)

Cwej, Larles, and Kwol had an encounter with Kady Williams and the Gentleman, who both came from a point in the future after the Uprising's start. The Gentleman warned Cwej and Kwol of the tragedy at the Uprising's start, but Kady ensured that history wasn't changed. (PROSE: Ring Theory)

Donacho influenced several events across time and space, including Cwej's adventure with Iris Wildthyme, (PROSE: The PsyCon Prediction, Flickering Flame) the activities of KYG Solace, (PROSE: In the Loop) and the hostile actions of HANS at Yakushima Tower, (PROSE: Soft Target, The Aftermath) to create the Futura Visor. Donacho showed off the Visor at PsyCon 2021, content that he had achieved his ultimate goal of creating an incredibly profitable technology, but made the mistake of allowing Kwol to be the first person to test the Visor. Kwol witnessed the cruelty of humanity in a timeline where Cwejen won the Uprising, causing Kwol to seek for the extinction of humanity in 2021 to prevent such a terrible future. Kwol was so erratically and extremely violent that Cwej had to kill them to save his own life. (PROSE: The PsyCon Prediction)

The Uprising started when Cwej's attempted execution at the hands of the Superiors was broadcast through the Totality. After that, as a peaceful strike, some Cwejen gathered in mass numbers and refused to work for the Superiors. After Chris Cwej assassinated the High President of the Superiors, things escalated. (PROSE: The Aftermath)

Outbreak of hostilities[]

As usual, the Superiors themselves stayed in the sidelines of the conflict, leaving the hard work for their agents. (PROSE: The Aftermath)