Uprising was the third and final audio story in Before the Fall.

Publisher's Summary Edit

"Torchwood. It’s taken the best part of a month, but I’ve finally got things running how they should be. How they should have been all along."

Torchwood has experienced some radical changes, but things are finally settling down. Everyone has pulled together and is trying to put the past behind them. Well, except for Yvonne Hartman – she’s out to win the future.

There’s one problem. Someone seems to have started an interstellar war. Someone who knows Torchwood from the inside out.

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Rachel Allan Edit

Food and Drink Edit

  • Yvonne isn't happy to find out that Rachel has been helping herself to her whisky.

Ianto Jones Edit

  • Thomas refers to Ianto as "Valley Boy", referencing him being from Wales.
  • Rachel refers to Ianto's love life, including their own brief relationship and also Ianto's continued love for Lisa Hallett.
  • Yvonne "chose" Ianto for Torchwood because he was the village boy in the big city.

Torchwood Edit

  • During her reign, Rachel has removed all other personnel on the top floor. She prefers the silence.
  • Yvonne knew that Rachel would never have been able to edit the emergency access codes herself and was able to enter Torchwood without a problem by simply creating an emergency.

Notes Edit

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Continuity Edit

  • Yvonne asks Ianto to help her gain money from a nearby cashpoint, referring to it as his usual trick. (AUDIO: One Rule)
  • Ianto refers to Pippa's death. He states that it was wrong for Rachel to simply wipe everyone's memories of her true and heroic death. (AUDIO: Through the Ruins)
  • Rachel orders the use of the weapon from the Jathaa Sunglider. (TV: Army of Ghosts)
  • With her brain retconned of her time at Torchwood, Rachel applies for another job in Canary Wharf. The monologue is the same used in AUDIO: New Girl.
  • Ianto continues to hold bad feelings towards his father. (AUDIO: Through the Ruins, et al)
  • By the end of the adventure, Ianto is in a relationship with Lisa Hallett. (TV: Cyberwoman, et al)
  • With Yvonne back in charge, classical music still plays at Torchwood. (AUDIO: New Girl)
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