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An untitled one-panel comic story was published in the back of TVC 696. Part of a series of regular joke comics entitled Pick of the Jokes, the idea behind the story was suggested by a fan of the magazine named M Waplington. Illustrated by Neville Main, the same artist who worked on all of the early TVC Doctor Who strips, the story is perhaps the first known example of a back-up comic story; printed alongside On the Web Planet. While serious back-up stories would begin to appear within Doctor Who Weekly in the 1970s, comedic back-up stories would not come into style until Titan Comics began working on the franchise in the 2010s.

There are two interpretations that can be pulled from the story. One is that a police officer has mistaken the Doctor's TARDIS for a Police Telephone Box and is attempting to stop him from entering it. Another is that the Doctor is attempting to steal a Police Telephone Box for an unknown reason, but is being thwarted by the law. The officer's reference towards the Doctor as "Doctor Who" may seem to confirm the story's status as meta-fiction, but in actuality at that time the Doctor was known under that title within most non-televised licensed material.


The Doctor mistakes a police box for his TARDIS. A police officer then tells him that he doesn't care if the Doctor is "Doctor Who", and that he's not having his police box.