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Chute! special (TV story)

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The ninth episode of the CBBC series Chute! featured the licensed appearances of Daniel Anthony as Clyde Langer and Tommy Knight as Luke Smith.


Luke and Clyde join Ross Lee in the rubbish tip of BBC Television Centre, which has been invaded by an unwelcome alien.


Ross Lee has just recorded a distress message for his mum to find, when he hears a crash and sees that Clyde Langer and Luke Smith have fallen into the tip. As Luke analyses where they are, Clyde tries to call Maria Jackson and Sarah Jane Smith for help, only for Ross to point out that he won't get any reception where he and Luke are. Ross then introduces himself and the viewer to the two, and puts on a tape.

Clyde asks Ross what it is that he does, to which Ross replies that he sits in the tip all day and watches video tapes. Rummaging through the 83,000 cassettes to see which one the two would like (one of which being Strictly Come Dancing: Slitheen Special), he eventually comes across an alien-themed tape.

Ross thinks to himself what he would do if an alien invaded, unaware that there is an actual alien behind him. When he finally notices, he runs for cover as the alien is hit with a beam that Luke has fired from Ross's remote control, which he has modified. Ross isn't impressed, though, and tries to fix the remote while Luke puts on another tape.

Some time later, Ross is cooking alien toasties for tea, made from the alien that had invaded earlier. He first offers the viewer a toasty, but the viewer expresses discomfort when they eat it. The toasties also put Luke and Clyde off, but that doesn't deter Ross, however, who offers to make another one without cheese whilst he, Luke, Clyde and the viewer watch another tape.

But after the tape has been played, the tip's TV suddenly goes off. In the viewer's attempt to fix it, they inadvertently switch off the power. As the emergency lighting comes back on, Ross checks that everything is alright, and comes to the conclusion that everything is as it should be. Unaware that the back of his trousers is missing, he puts another tape on.

As Clyde tries to think of a way to let Maria and Sarah Jane know that he and Luke are trapped in the tip, Luke comes up with the idea to write a message on a tape and attach a rocket to it, then send it up the chute for somebody to find. On the rocket-tape's test run, however, it hits Ross, who immediately starts crying. Trying to prevent himself from crying, he plays a song on his keyboard. The viewer isn't impressed, and puts a bucket over Ross's head as they watch another tape.

After that tape has been played, Ross comes to the end of his song, and is no longer upset — however, the rocket hits him again, and causes his head to morph into those of different animals. Asking what the four of them should do now, Clyde remarks that they sit and wait for Sarah Jane and Maria to rescue them. As the viewer comforts Luke, Ross finds a tape with a clip from Warriors of Kudlak.

As the clip finishes, Sarah Jane's Sonic lipstick falls into the tip, which Luke and Clyde decide they can use to escape — which they do, leaving Ross and the viewer behind for the rest of the show.



  • Writers - Ross Lee and Dermot Canterbury
  • Director - Dermot Canterbury
  • Producer - Steve Ryde




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