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In 1986, an untitled continuity announcement for Roland Rat: The Series was broadcast, crossing over with the universe of Doctor Who. It starred Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor.


The Sixth Doctor disdainfully introduces an episode of BBC3's Roland Rat: The Series, and then proceeds to inanely cry out "Yeeeaaah!" — Roland Rat's catchphrase.

After the episode finishes, the Doctor is awoken by the prodding of a pole. He recaps the audience on what they had been watching, and then excitedly tells them to switch over to BBC1 to watch Doctor Who, which he refers to as "the series". Ron Rat jumps up, calling Doctor Who "rubbish" — an act for which the Doctor attempts to murder Ron, using a ray-gun he just happens to have on his person. Fortunately for Ron, the Doctor is a lousy shot.




Story notes[]

  • Despite the series the special was featured in, Roland Rat himself did not appear.
  • The Doctor is depicted trying to murder Ron Rat for insulting Doctor Who.
  • The story was broadcast in conjunction with The Trial of a Time Lord, with the Doctor wearing his stripy waistcoat and yellow star-speckled necktie from Terror of the Vervoids.