An untitled back-up comic story was printed within Titan's Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Year Three issue seven.

Continuing the trend of Doctor Who aliens trying to occupy jobs on Earth, the story was the first out of the Rachael Smith comics to feature monsters who were featured in the television series only before the BBC Wales era of the show (2005-). The comic featured the return of the Primords, who had previously only appeared unnamed in TV: Inferno.

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Rose takes the Tenth Doctor to a concert hosted by her new favourite band, Primordial Scream, only for the Doctor to recognise them as the dangerous and unpredictable mutant species known as the Primords.

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  • Smith first previewed art for this story on 3 April, when she posted early art to her twitter with the caption involving a face made by Rose Tyler in the story.[1] On the same day, she revealed that the monsters featured in the story were going to be Primords.[2]

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  • The band members are transformed into Primords after touching some goo on an abandoned drill site. (TV: Inferno)

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