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An untitled back-up comic story was printed within Titan's Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Year Three issue four.

It continued the trend of post-A Rose by Any Other Name stories written by Smith featuring Doctor Who aliens and monsters attempting to settle on Earth and Earth-like environments. This story featured a Silurian trying to work at a zoo with a lack of understanding of the differences between monkeys and humans.


The Doctor and Rose attempt to instruct a Silurian zookeeper on the difference between humans and monkeys...


The Doctor and Rose land in Twycross, although their destination was the Galápagos Islands, and the Doctor quickly notices a sharp over-population of Monkeys in the area. Deducing that they must be from the local zoo, the Doctor leads them into the TARDIS with several bananas. The ship lands outside of the monkey enclosure, where a group of human tourists are trapped inside. As the Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver to open the door, the humans explain that they were trapped by the "zoo mascot" in "the lizard suit." The Doctor, insisting on solving the mystery, leads Rose to the Reptile House. There, they discover that the zoo keeper is indeed a Silurian, one named Wanda.

When confronted with trapping the five humans in the monkey enclosure, Wanda explains that as the regular person who watched over the monkeys is sick she decided to check on them herself. She discovered that several of the monkeys had escaped and were standing outside the enclosure, leading her to force them inside. It was then that the real monkeys inside the enclosure escaped. Evidently, Wanda has a difficulty telling the difference between monkeys and humans.

Moving the confrontation inside the monkey enclosure, the Doctor attempts to explain to Wanda the difference between humans and monkeys. The Doctor points out that humans wear clothes, and monkeys do not. Wanda says that the monkeys are also all wearing fur coats. The Doctor points out that monkeys can not talk, but Wanda has trouble telling apart Rose's speech and the monkey's chattering. The Doctor points out that monkeys throw poo at each other, and humans... usually do not. Finally beginning to understand, Wanda asks if she can be left to study the apes in detail.

Wanda soon has dressed up all of the monkeys in the same suits worn by the Doctor. Taunting them with a banana out of their reach, Wanda gloats that she is the dominant race. Speaking their own language, one monkey asks the other if their current handler is different from the regular one. In response, the other monkey quips "they all look the same to me."



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