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Unregenerate! was the seventieth story in Big Finish's monthly range. It was written by David A. McIntee and featured Sylvester McCoy and Bonnie Langford as Melanie Bush.

Chronologically an early Seventh Doctor story, it is the first of two Big Finish stories set explicitly and immediately after a Doctor's regeneration. The second is Psychodrome. Occurring in the wake of Time and the Rani, it is the Big Finish story which happens earliest in the Seventh Doctor's timeline. Moreover, it's likely the third Seventh Doctor story in all licensed fiction, behind only Rani and The Useful Pile. It provides an account of greater post-regenerative distress than was indicated in Rani, suggesting that the Doctor's sixth regeneration was at least as problematic as his previous two.

The story is also significant for its thematic connections to The Doctor's Wife. As in the 2011 story, Unregenerate! deals with the difficulties of transferring the consciousness of TARDISes into the brains of other species.

Publisher's summary[]

In a run-down asylum, screams echo in the halls as mysterious creatures roam, terrorising the staff. Patients complain of betrayal rather than illness, and no-one is quite what they seem.

Mel knows that the Doctor is the best person to find the answers — but she is stranded on Earth, and the TARDIS has returned without him...

Why does a medical facility need to be under armed guard? What procedures are the staff carrying out, and to what purpose? What is the price that must be paid for making an agreement with those who run the asylum?

As the answers begin to be uncovered, the Doctor finds that the past may yet come back to haunt him...


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  • By the age of nine, Mel had read the entire canon of the Sherlock Holmes series.


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