Unnatural Selection was the third story in BBV Productions' P.R.O.B.E. series. It was written by Mark Gatiss and directed by Bill Baggs. It featured Caroline John as Dr Liz Shaw and Louise Jameson as Patsy Haggard.

Geoffrey Beevers returned as Brian Rutherford of the Ministry of Defence, having previously appeared in a minor role in The Devil of Winterborne, and was forced to resign over his connections to BEAGLE. Terry Molloy's character, D.I. Burke, who said he planned on joining P.R.o.B.e. in the previous story, did not return and Liz instead worked with Colonel Ackroyd, played by Alexander Kirk.

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In 1975, the British Government quietly closed down a secret evolutionary project codenamed BEAGLE, ordering the destruction of all research materials.

Today, the discovery of several horrifically mutated bodies alerts Liz Shaw and P.R.O.B.E. to the fact that something is stalking the original site of project BEAGLE — something which may challenge the very nature of humanity itself!

With a crack security team at her disposal, Liz desperately attempts to track down the perverted results of the project.

But who or what is hunting whom?

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  • This is the second new on-screen story to be released in 1996, the other being the TV movie. Another P.R.O.B.E. story, Ghosts of Winterborne, was released the following month.

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Originally released direct-to-video in 1996, it was reissued on DVD in 2012.

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