Unnatural Born Killers was the comic story featured in DWM 277. Like the later Me and My Shadow, it was the unusual case of a story that didn't feature the Eighth Doctor but was nevertheless still vital to the narrative of the Eighth Doctor's DWM run. Thus, it is best thought of as a part of the Eighth Doctor narrative, rather than a one-off Doctor-less adventure.

Crucially, it re-introduced the character of Kroton, who had debuted in one of the early 1980s DWM backup comic stories. Kroton would play a vital role in the series of strips that culminated in The Glorious Dead.


The day starts badly when a Cyberman is awoken halfway through its solar regeneration cycle by the needless Sontaran slaughter of an innocent people offering the hand of peace. Unable to start a war with the natives, the Sontarans begin genocide. The Cyberman, now fully recharged, defends the people and takes on the Sontaran force single-handed. Fighting his way aboard their colonisation ship, the Cyberman manages to destroy it, along with the bio-energy feed link with the surviving Sontaran ground troops. Returning to the people, he walks away, unable to share their joy. They remind him of so much that he has lost. He's called Kroton. He can't remember his real name.



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  • This story has no dialogue, only Kroton's internal monologue.
  • The second and third editions of aHistory arbitrarily date this story to 3500, the same year as Ship of Fools (but acknowledges that it could be much later).

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