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University of Oxford

The University of Oxford, also known as Oxford University or simply Oxford, was a university located in the English city of the same name.


Richard Francis Burton studied at Oxford before being recruited by the Star Chamber. (PROSE: The Book of the War)

Oscar Wilde was a student at Oxford in the 1870s. (COMIC: Bat Attack!, Dead Man's Hand)

Gordon Seavers studied natural science for two years under Professor Sowerden during the later years of the 19th century. (PROSE: The Banquo Legacy)

Isla Satterthwaite studied physics and languages at Oxford. (AUDIO: Ashenden)

Constance Clarke received a first in modern languages at Somerville College, University of Oxford. (AUDIO: Criss-Cross)

In 1993, Tom Cheynor attended school there and studied under Professor Rafferty. (PROSE: The Dimension Riders)

Arthur Tyler III and Pierre-Yves Dudoin were roommates. They graduated the same year as fellow classmate Christine Holland. (PROSE: Escape Velocity)

Luke Smith got his A Levels a year ahead of schedule and left to study at Oxford in September 2010. He took K9 with him. (TV: The Nightmare Man)

Although not a student, the Qetesh known as Ruby White constructed a false backstory for her human identity which included a first-class degree in biophysics from Oxford. (TV: Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith)


In 1553, Samuel Smythe was a scholar from Oxford. (PROSE: The Nine-Day Queen)

In 1898, Sowerden was a professor of natural science. (PROSE: The Banquo Legacy)

In 1901, John Lafayette taught linguistics there. (PROSE: Walking to Babylon, AUDIO: Walking to Babylon)

In 1906, Alexander Hugh was professor of advanced sciences. (COMIC: Final Sacrifice)

In 1911, Marcus Scarman was a fellow and professor of Archaeology at All Souls College. (TV: Pyramids of Mars)

In 1944, Alan Turing gave a lecture on Computable Numbers at St John's College, University of Oxford. (PROSE: The Turing Test)

In 1977, Dame Emily Shaw taught Medieval Studies at St Matilda College, of which was also the dean. (AUDIO: The Cloisters of Terror)

In 1993, the Seventh Doctor's friend James Rafferty held the post of Professor of the newly-established department of Extra-Terrestrial Studies. (PROSE: The Dimension Riders)

In 2013, Cedric Chivers taught there. (AUDIO: The Time Machine)

Centuries after the 28th, Lorraine Baynes taught history there. (AUDIO: Davros)

Behind the scenes[]

Real world connections[]

Real world Oxford alumni with connections to Doctor Who include Ian Marter and Richard Dawkins. Show producers, such as Russell T Davies, also attended the university.

Torchwood website[]

The series 2 version of the Torchwood website had a profile of 1918 Torchwood Three operatives, including Harriet Derbyshire. It said that in her time period, though women could attend lectures and sit examinations, they could not take degrees. Harriet sat in physics lectures at the University of Oxford, educating herself in the subject "for years". Recognising her aptitude, a professor at the University recommended her to Torchwood. Prior to her death in 1919, she was making notes for a paper that would have "beaten Heisenberg to the Uncertainty Principle". When Oxford changed its regulations in 1920, Harriet was given a posthumous degree. [1]