The Amstrons and J'arrodic built a wormhole to another universe. They sent two-man starship Infinite to study it. The Amstron and J'arrodic astronauts of the Infinite were so mesmerised by the beauty of this universe that they continued watching it until their life support failed. Before that happened, they sent a message back saying that they saw the face of the creator.

The question of how exactly this face looked sparked a long-term conflict between the Amstrons and the J'arrodic Federation that later became known as the Eternal Dogfight. Many others were sent to this universe in replicas of the Infinite but none of them returned, similarly unable to take their eyes off the beautiful colours.

In 2015, Alice Obiefune claimed the right to be the Infinite Astronaut for Earth and travelled to this universe with John Jones. Grieving for her late mother Ada and having just lost her the second time due to a cruel trick of the Talent Scout, who pretended to be Ada but was discovered, Alice was impervious to all the beauty in the world, which enabled her to return through the wormhole. She described what she saw to the Amstrons and J'arrodic as "a bunch of stupid lights", thus ending the generations-old dispute and precipitating the end of the Eternal Dogfight.

Alice described this universe as a beautiful and magical dimension of pure totality and continual creation. (COMIC: The Infinite Astronaut)

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