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This subject is not a valid source for writing our in-universe articles, and may only be referenced in behind the scenes sections.

United we stand, 2m apart was a webcast featuring the Thirteenth Doctor speaking directly to the camera, released on the official BBC Twitter account; the Doctor was used as a sort of ambassador for the BBC, with her relaying information to the viewers as to the guidelines to be followed to handle the COVID-19 crisis in the real world.

As it consequently breaks the fourth wall, the webcast is not at present considered a valid source by this Wiki. It is interesting to compare it to the earlier, similar Message from the Doctor, which shared the format of the Doctor speaking to the camera and was also inspired by the COVID-19 crisis, but was designed so that the Doctor's dialogue was applicable to the real-world issues, but did not necessarily speak to the 2020 viewer directly, and gave an in-universe account of how and why the Doctor had recorded herself like this.


The Thirteenth Doctor broadcasts a message to all of humanity, on behalf of all the regular doctors, wherein which she summarises what to do to help resist the virus and save lives.




  • The Doctor describes herself as "a Doctor speaking on behalf of all doctors", as well as for nurses, carers and frontline workers.
  • The Doctor advises people to stay 2 metres, or 6 feet, away from other people to prevent contagion of COVID-19.
  • She also advises people to "stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives".


  • Jodie Whitaker filmed the webcast inside her own home.
  • The Doctor's mention of "the virus" marks the first licensed Doctor Who production to acknowledge the COVID-19 pandemic in an in-universe context, although within a story which this Wiki does not at present deem a valid source.

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