The United Earth Colonisation Team was made up of the flight crew of the colony starship Erehwon. Their mission was to terraform the planet Gleise 581 D in order to make it suitable for human life following the mass evacuation of Earth’s human population at some point in the far future. (TV: Smile)


The colonization team was made up of dozens of members of the flight crew that populated the starship Erehwon. The only known members of the team are Goodthing, Kezzia, their mother, Hopeful, Sunshine and Eliza. (TV: Smile)


At some point in the far future, the Earth was devastated by some unspecified conflict or disaster, forcing the mass evacuation of the surviving human population on starships such as the Erehwon.

After a lengthy journey through space, the ship landed on the extrasolar planet Gliese 581 D. The onboard computer then awakened a number of the flight crew from stasis with the purpose of terraforming the planet into a perfect human colony.

The team deployed swarms of Vardies, microbots that successfully terraformed the planet’s surface and then built a city that would serve as the colonists’ home.(TV: Smile)

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