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Unification Theory was a short story included in the 2013 ebook version of Of the City of the Saved.... It drew on elements of that novel and the Bernice Summerfield short story Predating the Predators, and also set up background for A Hundred Words from a Civil War.


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In the City[]

  • Krisztina-Judit observes the River Okeanos, the Lemuel Mountains, and the Desert Park of Tashistan.
  • Vril is a member of the Neotonic Clade.
  • Two Macrocosmic Clans, the Trove and the Kalpa, are at the party.
  • Krisztina-Judit initially suspects that Finlay may be part of the Rump Parliament.
  • Krisztina-Judit guesses that Kit Marlowe, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Cleopatra, or Barack Obama may be at the party.

Krisztina-Judit's first life[]

  • Her parents were Catholic.
  • She was a fan of Voy"Sez".
  • Her hobbies included netball and rock climbing.
  • She once performed the Heimlich manoeuvre on a choking colleague.


  • When talking about other academics in the City, Vril mentions "Richard" and "his charming wife", alluding to Richard Dawkins and Lalla Ward.


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