In the Unbound Universe, an incarnation of the Doctor was exiled by the Time Lords at the end of his previous incarnation's life. However, although he was supposed to be exiled to Earth in the 1970s, he instead arrived at Earth in 1997. Because of this, the Doctor was not present to help UNIT as their scientific advisor, as the Third Doctor of N-Space had been in said universe.

After the Great War devastated his universe, the Doctor was believed to be the last of his kind and thus held the title "Ruler of the Universe". In a failed attempt to escape to another universe, he brought Bernice Summerfield from N-Space to his universe, and they began travelling together. The Doctor eventually devised a way to protect the surviving parts of his universe and return Benny to N-Space, becoming stranded in said universe in the process.


Exile to Earth[]

After being put on trial by the Time Lords, the Doctor was told that he would be exiled to Earth in the 1970s. However, his TARDIS instead arrived in Hong Kong on 30 June 1997.

Immediately after leaving the TARDIS, the Doctor bumped into Marcus and Adam. He followed them to the Little England, a pub run by Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart. The Doctor recognised the Brigadier and convinced him that he was the same person with whom Alistair fought Robot Yeti in the London Underground. The Doctor was concerned that he had arrived in the wrong time, as he had wanted to meet the Brigadier much earlier.

During their conversation, a Chinese plane disguised with chameleon circuit technology flew over them and crashed onto a nearby mountain. The Doctor and the Brigadier went to the crash site and helped the pilot get out of the wreckage and recover. UNIT arrived and brought the pilot to a nearby monastery. At the monastery, the Doctor heard that Ling saw a man change his appearance and realised that the Unbound Master was on the crashed plane.

The Master revealed himself by releasing an alien parasite which had been kept trapped at the monastery. The Doctor talked with the Master and made a deal once he'd learnt the Master was just as trapped as he himself was now. The Master agreed to stop his plan in exchange for the Unbound Doctor's TARDIS after the Master had lost his own TARDIS. The Doctor tricked the Master by saying that the Little England was his TARDIS. The Master attempted to cross the Doctor and leave him trapped in Hong Kong with the parasite. Instead, the Doctor took the parasite into his TARDIS while the Master went into the pub. The Brigadier came with the Doctor and they dematerialised to Mongolia. The Doctor dropped the parasite into a test area seconds before it was hit by a nuclear bomb and it was killed.

Instead of returning to Hong Kong, the Doctor and Alistair decided to travel through time and space, the sheer power of the nuclear explosion disrupting the inhibitor the Time Lords had placed on the TARDIS so that the ship could once again freely move in time and space as the Doctor wished. (AUDIO: Sympathy for the Devil)

According to one account, the Doctor returned to Hong Kong and became comfortable with his exile. When the Sixth Doctor and Evelyn Smythe accidentally travelled sideways in time to his universe, they helped the Doctor stop "an annoying man" from infecting the United Nations with Krynoid pods. The exiled Doctor helped repair the Sixth Doctor's TARDIS by donating his TARDIS' dimensional control. (AUDIO: The 100 Days of the Doctor)

Travels with Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart[]

By another account, the Doctor did not return to his exile and continued travelling in the TARDIS accompanied by Alistair. Upon visiting Skaro, he helped Gillen and the other Thals to stop the Daleks. He created a neutraliser which altered a Dalek's mind so that it would believe that it was the returned Davros. This created some dissidence among the Daleks. However, when the new threat of the Quatch attacked Skaro, the Doctor suggested an alliance between the Daleks and Thals so that they could stop the Quatch, he and Alistair acting as the alliance's military leaders so that the Quatch could not predict what their opponents would do. With the Quatch defeated after the returned Davros sacrificed himself to destroy the equipment keeping them in this reality, the Doctor departed, although Alistair remained to help mediate the new Dalek/Thal alliance. (AUDIO: Masters of War)

The War[]

At some point, the Great War was waged across the universe. The Doctor later claimed he’d tried to stay out of the conflict and tried to help from the sidelines, but had been unable to stop the devastation. Mandeville claimed that the Doctor was actually a participant, being known as the “Cautious Warrior” for his tactic of sidling up to his enemies and stabbing them in the back. (AUDIO: The Library in the Body) At one point during the War, the Doctor tried to offer the Time Lords advice, but found they would not listen to him. (AUDIO: Asking for a Friend)

The Doctor worked with the Master during the conflict. Towards the end of the War, the Master had acquired a weapon that would destroy the enemy at the cost of essentially destroying the universe as well. The Doctor abandoned him in the hope that the Master would be unable to activate the weapon without him. (AUDIO: The Emporium at the End)

After the War had ended, believed to be simply due to the combatants running out of weapons and galaxies, the universe itself was dying. (AUDIO: The Library in the Body) However, the Doctor made a deal to buy it a few more centuries, sacrificing some of his memories in the process. (AUDIO: The Emporium at the End) The Doctor became ruler of the universe due to the rest of his people being dead, leaving him the only one left in the line of succession, much to the anger and displeasure of many races and people, many of whom didn't trust him. Whenever he met any of these individuals, they would mock or deride him for his actions during the Great War. (AUDIO: The Library in the Body)

Meeting Bernice Summerfield[]

Wandering a dying universe[]

With the war's aftermath causing the universe to face collapse, the Doctor travelled to the prime universe to find Professor Bernice Summerfield, hoping that he could latch onto her unique artron energy signature to anchor him to that universe so he could escape. Instead, it dragged her back into his own. Returned to his dying universe, they visited to the Library to find knowledge. He wanted to protect the Library from the Kareem, until he realised the Library was a parasite after reading one of its books. (AUDIO: The Library in the Body)

Despite the Doctor's protestations that Planet X was boring, Bernice managed to persuade him. He was arrested upon arrival for being too interesting. He discovered that the populace was decreasing due to the population being processed to be boring, believing that they would be protected from the wider universe if nobody was interested in them. He was to be processed but the gas they used didn't affect him. He worked out that 20 million people were killed in 5 years. He escaped and met Ego where he was invited to a suicide party and re-arrested. In the final confrontation with Prime Minister 470, he exposed the truth about her reign while she was trying to torture him whilst broadcasting to the entire planet, encouraging the rest of the population to explore possibilities rather than being boring all the time. (AUDIO: Planet X)

The two of them then visited Tramatz to stop an imminent attack but he got distracted by the singing river, wandering off until Benny finally found him again. Megatz inquired into why they were there but he had forgotton why after a couple of weeks on the planet. When Benny saw a unicorn he told her to talk to it to calm it down. He spent his time listening to the world. He wouldn't allow Benny to keep the unicorn. It became glaringly obvious that a weapon that had ended the war was warping reality and making people unaware of their impending doom. After the weapon was disabled, he decided to visit Admiral Effenish in order to try and stop the war from restarting. (AUDIO: The Very Dark Thing)

The TARDIS then received a distress call from the Mother Superior to take a crowd of refugees to the Emporium, as the end of the universe appeared to be nigh. There he met the Manager, the Master in disguise, and found him familiar. He was escorted out of the building for trying to sneak around the Master's offices. He later decided to sell his memories to help people escape this universe, only to learn that he had already sold them to keep this universe alive. With this revelation, and his subconscious recognition of the Master, the Doctor realised that the Master's portal, which was allegedly sending lucky people to an alternate universe, was actually disintegrating them and creating the illusion of accelerated universal destruction so that the Master could guarantee his own escape. The Master was subsequently thrown into the portal by the angry sisters and seemingly disintegrated, leaving the Doctor and Benny to explore this universe and find another way to save it. (AUDIO: The Emporium At The End)

President of the Universe[]

The Doctor was eventually forced to officially take on his title of Ruler of the Universe in order to try and protect the survivors of this dying reality. (AUDIO: The City and the Clock) Under the Doctor’s guidance, a Parliament of the Universe was founded. (AUDIO: The True Saviour of the Universe)

The Doctor funded Bernice's mission to excavate the site of the Apocalypse Clock on Merin as a potential means to save his universe from destruction, even as he admitted later that he'd never seriously expected her research to bear any fruit and mainly did it to try and secure a public victory to improve his credibility. Benny eventually asked him to come and look at her dig. He did but their friendship soured as he was grumpy at his job, due to the amount of paper work and the remedial talks he had to do. He became stuck on Merin as he hadn’t negotiated a settlement to prevent strikes of the spaceport staff, due to being busy. (AUDIO: The City and the Clock)

The Doctor began working to create a “safe zone” with the Clock and oversaw the evacuation of planets to move their populations to safety. Troubled by his inability to help others due to the bureaucracy of his position as president, he attended regular appointments with the therapist Guilana. He discussed such issues as his perception of other people as tools to help him or his frustration at the bureaucracy that prevented him helping certain planets as he tried to "punish" troublesome rulers who were exploiting the situation. She helped him to remember portions of the Great War. However, his appointments ended when he was revealed to have manipulated Guilana's timeline to save her former fiancé from the shuttle accident that killed him. He did this because he wanted to make someone happy when he lost a planet and a friend. (AUDIO: Asking for a Friend)

The Doctor plotted to step down from running the universe, and concocted a grand scheme to make the change seem natural. (AUDIO: The True Saviour of the Universe) He absconded from his duties and went off in the TARDIS for adventures to try and find some random alien invasion to deal with, but his efforts failed as his new reputation meant that every alien he encountered immediately backed down when they recognised him. Benny eventually caught up with him and together investigated his only discovery of an actual invasion. However this proved much more morally complex than he’d hoped as the "invasion" had occurred sixty years earlier and aside from the children of the original invaders, the only member of the planet's original inhabitants left was one old woman who liked her isolation, forcing the Doctor to accept things as they were. (AUDIO: Truant)

Upon returning to the Parliament, the Doctor was arrested and impeachment proceedings began (AUDIO: Truant) as he'd planned. He appeared before the Parliament, deliberately antagonising them, and explained the Clock was ready but he couldn’t take the risk of activating it due to an unknown release of energy. This confession allowed the Master to take his place as he promised to activate it regardless, which won over the angry Parliament. The Doctor appeared to take the rejection badly and disappeared, however was actually reconfiguring the TARDIS. When the Master activated the Clock the energy discharge began to awaken the Great Old Ones, as the Master had anticipated, however the Doctor used the TARDIS to steal the energy, materialising in front of Benny in the midst of a panicking crowd. In the “downsized” TARDIS, he used the energy to return Benny to her home universe. He explained that, without the Great Old Ones, the Master would be constrained by the bureaucracy and Parliament, so may end up actually being a good ruler of the safe zone in his place. He and Benny set out together to explore her universe. (AUDIO: The True Saviour of the Universe)

Travels in Benny’s universe[]

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He later became of professor at a university. He told Benny to remember her real memories. From time to time he appeared to her at key points and to influence her decisions. He hoped that her memories would come back soon. Benny asked the Doctor about him and this Summerfield person, and how they came to this planet and stayed because they thought there was a mystery to solve. He could only be seen by Benny as he was her anchor. He explained to Benny how her life as Annis was remembered. (AUDIO: The Angel of History)

After arriving aboard the Ark of Whispers, the Doctor fell down a hole upon exiting the TARDIS, injuring his ankle. Crawling along in the dark, he began communicating with a computer interface which was chirping back. Realising it was copying him and Benny, the Doctor began to use it to indirectly communicate with Benny, who was still at the top of the ship. Finding his way out of the ventilation shaft, he continued exploring the ship whilst teaching the interface. He realised the interface was becoming intelligent and withholding information. Together he and Benny deduced the ship was designed to be isolated and kept in silence, however he realised the ship was on a collision course with a populated planet. After Benny used the interface to foil his attempt to blow up the ship to force him to find a better way, he confessed his recent misery. Realising they needed to persuade the interface not to hit the planet, he had Benny retrieve the TARDIS tuner to force it to listen to the people on the planet. His plan worked and he and Benny parted ways with the interface, though they were saddened when it revealed that it had to delete its newly acquired knowledge to complete its mission. (AUDIO: Have I Told You Lately?)

The Doctor took Benny to the bogs of Gelmoth to investigate the Undying, an ancient being who had died despite being supposedly immortal. They arrived just as a preserved body was excavated by a group seeking the Undying and joined their expedition, with the Doctor pretending to be from their head office. After one of the crew died due to running into the bog in fear, the expedition left in their spaceship with the Doctor having the TARDIS brought onboard. During the journey they discovered the Undying was actually a fungus possessing a host and its spores had been influencing them. After the Doctor purged it using the spaceship’s airlock he and Benny departed, however as they entered the TARDIS the Time Lords attempted to stop them. (AUDIO: The Undying Truth)

To evade the Time Lords, the Doctor took Benny to a unremarkable planet and turned off the TARDIS. For twenty-six days they resided in a cabin on an island, with Benny being intrigued by the nearby tribe whilst the Doctor saved a sea monster from them. They passed the time with board games, which the Doctor cheated at to Benny’s annoyance, and the Doctor returned to the TARDIS on occasion though he barred Benny from doing so. Eventually Benny deduced the truth about the tribe, that they tolerated outsiders for twenty-seven days before killing them, but they were both captured just as she told the Doctor. Escaping being tied to a pole as the tide rose together, the Doctor revealed he’d deduced the monster was a survivor of a past alien expedition to the island and it’s eggs were signal devices. He fully activated one to help the creature, which also attracted the Time Lords just as the tribe had discovered their survival. (AUDIO: Inertia)

Captured and brought to Gallifrey, the Doctor was placed on trial for existing, with him appointing Benny as his defender. He was irritated by his neighbouring cell mate continuously tapping “now” in Time Lord morse code on their shared wall. Benny devised a plan where was seemingly executed however was actually transported into the Matrix. Returning to his cell, he and Benny investigated the bizarre occurrences in Gallifrey and deduced the Time Lords were under the influence of the Now, pan-dimensional parasites. The Doctor devised a way to force the Time Lords to regenerate using the Crown of Rassilon to purge the Now, but realised it would kill all of the Now as well as many Time Lords in the process and backed out of the plan. Coordinator Narvin initiated the plan himself, revealing he’d had the Doctor brought to Gallifrey in hopes of him devising a solution. Furious, the Doctor and Benny departed Gallifrey. (AUDIO: Gallifrey)

Psychological profile[]


To the Chinese, the Doctor was known as Hu (the Tiger, for his courage), Hu (the Fox for his cunning), and Xue (Doctor, he who tends to the sick). The last of these was his personal favourite. (AUDIO: Sympathy for the Devil)

The Doctor was very protective of his friends. The Undying’s spores attempted to exploit this, leading to him locking Benny in a room in an overzealous attempt to keep her safe. (AUDIO: The Undying Truth)

The Doctor proved his reputation for cunning. On Skaro he attempted to incite a civil war among the Daleks by tricking one into believing itself to be Davros and later collaborated with the Daleks in strategising their defence against the Quatch. (AUDIO: Masters of War) According to Mandeville, during the Great War the Doctor became notorious for stabbing his enemies in the back. (AUDIO: The Library in the Body) After the War the Doctor masterminded his own downfall as President of the Universe, in the process ensuring the activation of the safe zone and thus the preservation of his universe whilst also finding a way to return Benny to her universe. (AUDIO: The True Saviour of the Universe)

The Doctor was known for appearing a coward, though he insisted he was simply cautious. Mandeville (AUDIO: The Library in the Body) and the Mother Superior criticised cowardly actions he had done during the War such as abandoning the Unbound Master. (AUDIO: The Emporium at the End) After the War, the Doctor made a failed attempt to flee his dying universe to escape his responsibilities, an action he believed even the TARDIS disliked him for. (AUDIO: The Library in the Body)

When angered, the Doctor could be ruthless to his enemies. After being infuriated by her regime, the Doctor let Prime Minister 470 die at the hands of her own enforcers and also saw to the death of Ego. (AUDIO: Planet X) He did have limits however and refused to wipe out the parasitic Now to save the Time Lords. (AUDIO: Gallifrey)

The Doctor had a tendency to behave childishly, such as by frequently deriding experiences that he found boring (AUDIO: Planet X, Have I Told You Lately?) and cheating at board games. (AUDIO: Inertia) He would often become grumpy when forced to do tasks he disliked, which was a frequent problem whilst he was President of the Universe. (AUDIO: The City and the Clock, Asking for a Friend)

During his time as President of the Universe, the Doctor began to struggle with the pressure of saving the universe. He was especially frustrated by having to work within a bureaucracy and make deals with dictators to try to save lives. (AUDIO: Asking for a Friend)

After some time travelling in Benny’s universe, the Doctor began to feel miserable, finding everything bland and becoming argumentative with Benny. Their adventure on the Ark of Whispers forced him to concede this to Benny, and he promised to talk to her more. (AUDIO: Have I Told You Lately?)


The Doctor could speak Mandarin, Cantonese, Manchu, Mongolian, and Hokkien. He had some medical knowledge, as he was able to care of an injured pilot. (AUDIO: Sympathy for the Devil)


This Doctor had grey, swept back, longish hair.

Initially, he wore the attire of his previous incarnation. He complained that the shoes did not fit very well. (AUDIO: Sympathy for the Devil)

By the time of his journey to Skaro he had taken to wearing a ruffled shirt, dark suit and cape. (AUDIO: Masters of War)

After the Great War, however, and during his time with Bernice Summerfield, he wore a simple blue collared shirt under a navy jumper and a maroon jacket. Though he didn't carry a sonic screwdriver, he did find a similar device in the Emporium and recognised it. (AUDIO: The Emporium At The End)

While acting as the Ruler of the Universe, the Doctor wore a velvet jacket over a woolen V-neck sweater and a blue shirt, and occasionally wore a tie. (AUDIO: The City and the Clock)