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Una McCormack (born 13 January 1972[1]) is an English writer whose first piece of Doctor Who fiction, A Time & a Place, was published in issue #197 of the Doctor Who Magazine, in 1993.

Writing for the DWU[]

After A Time & a Place, part of the Brief Encounter series, her next short story would not be published until some 15 years later in 2008; The Slave War in the Short Trips anthology The Quality of Leadership. This lead to her writing for the BBC New Series Adventures book series, including two Eleventh Doctor, one Twelfth Doctor and one Thirteenth Doctor novels.

McCormack has also contributed to various reference books, including Impossible Worlds, Impossible things, which she co-edited, and the Hugo Award nominated Chicks Unravel Time. More recently she has also written a number of audio adventures for various series, including the New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield releases.

Other writing[]

McCormack has also written for other science fiction franchises, most notably Star Trek. Having gained popularity writing online fanfiction, she has since had a short story and several novels published. Her 2013 novel The Crimson Shadow is also a New York Times best-seller.

She has also written for the Big Finish Blake's 7 audio adventures, as well as an essay on the original TV series in British Science Fiction Television: A Hitchhiker's Guide. A number of her original science fiction short stories have also been published in various anthologies, and in 2015 she began writing for the Weird Space series, co-writing the novel The Baba Yaga.



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