Amira and Yana called their mother Ummi.

At the beginning of the 21st century, the girls with Ummi and their father lived in Damascus.

When a rocket hit their house in 2015, Ummi with the girls were forced to start a long journey to London. They left Damascus in a smuggler's car hiding under blankets and bags. At the end of winter of 2016, they arrived at a refugee camp in Kahramanmaras on the Turkish side of the border. Ummi wanted to wait for the news from Baba, but the girls insisted on continuing on their road to London.

Ummi paid for being taken to Greece. In July 2016, the plastic dinghy carrying 120 people including them across the Mediterranean Sea tipped. Ummi drowned while imploring Amira and Yana to hold on.

Ummi was recreated in a tangible form by the female bone spider, sometimes the way Amira imagined her drowned but sometimes happy. (PROSE: The Stone House)

Behind the scenes Edit

Ummi is the Arabic word meaning "my mother".

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