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UNIT Publications, also just called Publications, was a non-narrative, albeit in-universe, webpage on the U.N.I.T. website, written by the BBC Web Team and released in 2005. It was a large list of in-universe books published by UNIT.

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Hey Sarge, it's TUESDAY again!

A list of new publications published by UNIT is given on the UNIT website.

There are also books in the "Historical and Reminiscent" genre by UNIT

  • Don't Blame the Sergeant, Blame Your Boots! by R.H. Kelly
  • Space for Soldiering by Anthony Duarte
  • Mysterious Men and their Marvellous Machines by A. Hart-Martiny
  • Forces Other Than NATO: A history of Special Operations Units 1945-1989 by Peter Perou
  • Rubber-Soled Shoes and Silver-Tipped Bullets – A Life in Supplies by Sgt A.O. Osgood


  • R.H. Kelly
  • Anthony Duarte
  • A. Hart-Martiny
  • Peter Perou
  • Sgt A.O. Osgood


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