Unified Intelligence Task Force maintained a base in a Manhattan skyscraper. It served as the main base for the organisation circa 2009.

History Edit

In 2009 the base was a major UNIT hub. Experiments like Project Indigo were carried out there. At the time the base was overseen by Lieutenant-General Sanchez.

Following Earth's removal from normal space, it was a prime target for the Daleks during the War in the Medusa Cascade. Many of the base's personnel were exterminated in this attack, including Sanchez himself. (TV: The Stolen Earth)

Technology and facilities Edit

The facility had a war room and an international co-ordination centre housed in the war room. It also had ample scientific facilities to house Project Indigo and other scientific facilities and support staff for projects such as the Osterhagen Project. (TV: The Stolen Earth)

Known personnel Edit

Personnel included Lt General Sanchez, medical director for Project Indigo Martha Jones, Suzanne, Jalandra and Dacosta. (TV: The Stolen Earth)

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