UNIT Christmas Parties: First Christmas was the second short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: A Christmas Treasury. It was written by Nick Wallace. It featured the Third Doctor and Liz Shaw.

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Tensions are high at UNIT HQ. The Brigadier and the Doctor are arguing over the latter's electricity use. Liz comes to HQ to hand out Christmas cards; she can hear the arguments and fails to convince Sergeant Benton to deliver her cards to the Doctor and the Brigadier.

Liz and the Brigadier exchange cards. They discuss the Doctor; he doesn't have any family with which to spend Christmas. Liz had invited him to spend Christmas with her, but he refused.

The Brigadier receives a phone call about an alien ship heading towards Earth, so he and Liz head for the Doctor's laboratory. The Doctor is already aware of the ship, and not only does he have a peaceful solution for getting rid of it, he has solved the problem of a locale for the UNIT Christmas party. The Doctor has opened an interstitial vortex and sent the ship through it; he will keep the vortex open long enough for the party to take place on the spaceship.

Members of UNIT enjoy their party. As a special surprise, the Doctor shows Liz a view of sunrise from orbit.

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