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UNIT’s New York Operation Expansion, prefixed as PRESS STATEMENT: UNIT’s New York Operation Expansion on the story's page, was a short story released on the U.N.I.T. website as part of the UNIT Press Briefings series of in-universe, narrative press briefings.


In a press briefing embargoed until 08:00am on 31 March 2005, filed by Staff Sergeant A. Frederick, it is announced that the recent role Major A Highway has taken at the New York Liaison Office, to coordinate the "pan-territorial" into a "pivotal single site operation". Highway is quoted, stating that he is "thrilled" about the developments, believing it's a "fantastic time for UNIT [...] [and] in the past few years we’ve played a major part in more traditional threats to national security, but there’s been a sudden increase in the interest in our full range of activities, solutions and counter-measures. He believes that his presence in the Ground Assembly is good for briefing personnel and other such matters.

Major Highway reminisces about the previous Major, Major C Jones, saying that the loss of Jones and her colleagues in the Jersey Tollgate Situation was a shock to UNIT, and believes it's impossible to replace her, so Highway is thankful that a new system is being implemented.



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