U.N.I.T. On Call was a Doctor Who: Lockdown! webcast released in November 2020, tying in with the tweetalong of TV: Turn Left.

It featured Jon Culshaw voicing Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart (licensed from the Haisman Estate) as well as the Third Doctor, and the return of Katy Manning to the part of Jo Grant in a video story. It was also notable for featuring a performance by writer and producer Emily Cook.

Publisher's summary[edit | edit source]

As COVID-19 continues to threaten the world, one Doctor Who fan makes a special call for help…

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After finishing an episode of Doctor Who, a fan decides to call UNIT, and an operator puts her on hold. After a short while, the operator informs the fan to keep on waiting. Finally, she gets in contact with the Third Doctor. The Doctor asks why the fan is calling, and she responds by saying she's from the future.

The fan tells the Doctor about the toll COVID-19 is having on everyone, and the Doctor consoles her. The Brigadier then enters the conversation, saying that UNIT can handle the situation, but the fan tells him that UNIT has been suspended, and that's why she called. The Brigadier is outraged at the fate of UNIT, and then Jo pleads to the Doctor for him to help. The Doctor responds by telling the fan to remain positive in spite of all the hardships, and Jo corroborates this with some sage advice, based upon her experiences with the Doctor.

The Brigadier reaffirms this, and then he and Jo disconnect, leaving the Doctor and the fan to talk privately. The Doctor imparts some final kind words, and he too disconnects from the call. A mysterious caller then applauds the Doctor, Jo, and the Brigadier, saying he couldn't have it better. He says it's worth an afternoon tea break, suggesting some Jammie Dodgers. He then comes up with an idea for a Doctor Who story, "who's for a brew", and promptly disconnects after saying he'll share it with Barry. The fan contentedly sighs, picks up a cup of tea and some Jammy Dodgers for herself, and puts on another episode of Doctor Who.

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