Type 12 was a type of TARDIS used by Time Lords. The control systems of the Type 12 were hidden behind a wall panel rather than using a traditional six-sided console used by the later models.

It was a much older model than the Doctor's Type 40 TARDIS. Professor Chronotis owned a Type 12 Mark 1 TARDIS, which served as his rooms at St Cedd's College, Cambridge. Chronotis found and saved his Type 12 TARDIS from a scrapyard on Gallifrey before he left for Earth. This TARDIS model could hold another TARDIS within its force field and create a bridge between the two to walk through. Type 12 TARDISes were capable of interfering in an individual's time stream. It either did not have a chameleon circuit, or his didn't work. (PROSE: Shada)

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

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